Monday, December 26, 2011

If You Are Looking For An Interesting Read

This article left me kind of sad, yet it has proved to be an amazing topic for discussion with some fellow single ladies and some of the married variety as well.  If you care to share any of your thoughts on this in the comments below, I would find it interesting.  It's not getting any easier for us single girls.

If you found that interesting, this article on the lost generation may be worth a read.  Let us not be one of these statistics, if it is in our control at all.

I've become a fan of The Atlantic, if you couldn't tell.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dance

She willed herself to breathe.  She only needed the one word.  Yes.  He looked at her and grabbed her hand as the word slipped off her tongue.  She hadn’t needed it after all.  The one that came up to her and asked her to dance knew her answer before the question was even spoken. 

He had a perfectly boyish grin as he pulled her into the dance.  She hadn’t danced but two times before.  Two times that had left her wanting.  She was at the cusp of losing hope of finding that one who could change things.  Make her feel like she belonged.

They danced.  She was surprised that this time was different.  He moved and she moved instinctually along.  For once, she wasn’t thinking of her gangly limbs getting in the way, because with him they didn't exist.  They got lost in the notes, as if the song picked them and they were the only ones who could hear it.  Those lithing notes that made her feel like a girl again. 

They didn’t need words.  Their eyes danced along with them.  She knew this was something more.  She didn’t know what it was, but in his eyes she saw he felt it too. 
With every passing note, she felt both elated and frightened, for every song has an end.  And with a grand flourish of strings their song too, left them as quickly as it came. 

Their dance, however, was far from over.  

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tall Girls - Yeah We Got Problems.

I stumbled upon this Tumblr.  For every tall girl out there, how true are these tall girl problems?? 
Here's a few that struck a chord with me. 

                                             fixed the grammar :)
thanks alliartist!
This happens, People.  Happened to me just yesterday.  Asking someone who is well in their twenties if they are still growing?  Come on.  Ridiculous!

Thanks caffrine!
Yup, 'nough said.

Two seperate people asked me if I played basketball on two seperate occasions in the past week.

Thanks Grace!

Tall girls have real issues!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And Round And Round We Go

Missing: Merry Go Rounds
If you find one, let me know.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Socks & Guitars

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Temperatures have dropped and we are finally experiencing the fall/winter we have all been anxiously waiting for.  I love this time of year.  Time to bring out the knitting.  Pull on the thick wooly socks and cozy up under a big, fluffy blanket with coffee in hand. 

Oh and the sleeping.  Keeping the windows opened just a smidge, breathing that crisp air, while smothered under a down comforter.  Amazing!  Getting up and out of bed is that much harder, but well worth it.  

I can finally wear my boots, coats, scarves, and hats.  These are exciting times, I tell you.  I know everyone in colder climates are rolling their eyes right about now, but it's so refreshing for us when last week we were still having highs in the 70s.  It's a much needed change that impacts not only what I wear, but my overall mood.  I might not be so happy tomorrow morning waking up for my outdoor boot camp class, when it is supposed to be a whopping 28 degrees out there.  I might be crazy.

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Also, I did it!  I finally bought an acoustic guitar.  Along with trying to learn a bit of Nepali language, I'm adding guitar to the list.  I hope I never stop appreciating the value of learning new things.  I had the day off and I just played around with the guitar for a good three hours.  It's nice how many free online tutorials are out there, so refreshing to actually have more resources when I've had such a hard time finding anything for violin music. Garage Band on my Mac even has 8 free lessons included.  Who knew.  I feel like I have a good start (don't worry I won't start recording myself and putting it up on YouTube until I've been playing for at least a week).  Now to find some fun easy songs to learn to play.  Suggestions? 

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm Useless

Things have been more busy than fun around here lately. 

For some random thoughts...

Why do I keep forgetting about the library?  That place is amazing.  I was debating ordering some books off Amazon, but couldn't bring myself to after looking at the shelf of books I already have at home.  I haven't been really excited about any of those and wanted to try something new.  Well, I looked on the online catalog at the library.  They had the books I wanted and I won't have to pay a thing!  Again, the library!  Don't forget about that place. 

Also, my sister and I might have a small problem of shopping when we are bored.  There is nothing else to do here when you want to get out of the house and we find ourselves with time to kill situation before going to work all the time.  We will go to our local thrift store, Buffalo Exchange, the mall, etc.  We always find these awesome deals that we just can't pass by.  This is all adding up and it's getting kind of ridiculous in our closets.  Even though, shopping makes me happy, we have to find something else to do with our time, I think.  Oh, the sales! 

I got red pants!  This is happening. Love!

Another thing, I want to learn how to play the guitar.  I've been saying this for years.  I actually learned a little bit in Malaysia and I liked it.  With my violin background, I don't think it would be too hard to pick it up.  Now the challenge is getting a guitar.  There are so many kinds.   Which one is good that isn't an outrageous price for a beginner?  Any guitar players out there that can help me out?? 

This sad excuse of a post brought to you by me.  Now I'm depressed.  Bye.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Words That Don't Exist in the English Language

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Language is fascinating, isn't it?  I am often times jealous of Non-Americans who are bilingual or trilingual from a very young age.  Sometimes it makes me sick how closed minded and self absorbed Americans are in general.  English is not by far the best language.  And yet everyone is flocking to learn it.  I think if I had more time I could spend hours just lost in the study of language. 

It's amazing how different each language is and how each one has it's own way of expressing something.  Being fluent in American Sign Language and now adding in Nepali Sign Language to the mix, I find myself using signs or words from the one that is easier to express what I mean at that moment.  Not one language is the same and sometimes one is better than the other for a specific thought or meaning trying to be conveyed and the brain subconsciously picks the right one.  Does this make any sense? 

Isn't that list great?  I wish I had words for all of those feelings.  How amazing it would be to know all these languages and be able to pull out these expressions when you needed them.  I love talking to friends who speak Spanish and how they say in Spanish we have this expression that means this, because there really just isn't an equivalent in English. 

Too bad learning languages is so challenging.  I gotta get on that. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Last Friday Night

How did we spend Friday night?  Singing Karaoke in a Korean restaurant. We had the little room off the bar all to ourselves, but we were pretty sure the whole restaurant could hear our singing.  

The karaoke system was from Korea naturally.  The book to select your songs had about 200 pages of Korean/Chinese (??) song selections and about 10 pages of songs we recognized.  Yes, English.  We stuck to those pages somewhere around pages 180-90.  Those few pages kept us going all night.  

Then there was the music.  Everything from Lady Gaga to Metallica had the same soft Asian inspired beat almost as if a flute were playing every song.  And the background videos.  How I love those!  Anything from a tour of some random castle in the middle of the English countryside to camera shots of guys surfing.  Where do they get this stuff from? 

The karaoke game would rate you on how well you did.  I'm pretty sure this was horribly inaccurate or else it only recognized Korean tones, which I obviously don't have in my voice.  I'm not bitter at all.  

When the night was coming to a close all the Korean employees rushed in to the room to join us.  They started singing Korean pop songs and pretty much grabbed us all by the hand to get us to dance.  It felt like we were in our own Korean club in the middle of Tucson.  They didn't want us to leave and begged us to come back.  

Because we're us and we are awesome, we get ourselves into these amazing/awkward situations.  It was great and I wouldn't have changed a thing.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Street Art


How I would love to stumble upon some really inspiring street art for a change!  Maybe I need to take the time to slow down and see things for more than the blur of what they are as the car is driving by them.  There is something to be said about being on foot and really seeing a city or just a street even.  This is by UK artist Banksy.  Love!

"She said she usually cried at least once each day not because she was sad, but because the world was so beautiful & life was so short."  -- Story People

Sunday, November 6, 2011

That One Night in November

Where I am now and with my non existent social life, I've learned that if someone invites you to do something, you do it.  You just never know what you might discover.  Even if it means driving almost two hours to Bisbee for dinner.  Just for dinner.  No other outstanding activities planned.  Sometimes just dinner is all you need.  New friends and lively conversation with people who know how to converse was refreshing. 

After over an hour of desert bleakness as we came round the bend there it was, life.  Bisbee is such a cute little town built on hills with 1,000 steps leading up to the quaint houses.  The little porch lights lit up the hill and it just looked so picture perfect.  It has such a presence on those hills.  If it wasn't so far from everything, like Trader Joe's and most civilization, I would live there in a heartbeat.  I love the thought of living in a cozy house with hidden little nooks and all around character that is hard to find in the sea of cookie cutter subdivisions.  Being able to walk out your front door and head down the street to the local coffee shop where everyone knows each other by name.  It would be nice for a change, wouldn't it? 

The people in small towns are different too.  We had a group of people from four different cities all longer than thirty minutes drive from one another, but yet they too went the distance to meet for dinner.  The city is sometimes a lonely place after trying to invite people a number of times and no one ever showing up.  They are all waiting for the better invitation, but how do they know they picked the better one.  I don't think they do.

Back to Bisbee.  We had dinner. We walked to a couple friend's house down the street, enjoyed some espresso, and then took a two hundred stair climb detour back to our car as the temperatures dropped and we could finally breathe the brisk, autumn air.  I was wearing a jacket for the first time this fall.  So exciting. 

Then we made our way back to Tucson, which as a city seems to have no clearly defined identity and is just sad in comparison.  It was a nice night, which may not too often be repeated.  That's what makes it special.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Most Perplexing Question You Might Ever Be Asked

Who’s cuter, Ryan or a Puppy?
Reblog your choice

George Clooney with Ryan or George Clooney with a puppy.  Which is cuter?  You be the judge.

I'm speechless.  I think this is the best thing I have seen in my life or today at least. 
What is it about Ryan Gosling? 

How would you answer?

And if these few pictures are not enough for you, I know they weren't for me, check out the tumblr link above.  Amazing, I'm telling you.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Something kind of funny happened today.  My sister helped serve food at a community function.  She was responsible to bring salad and condiments for hot dogs.  Since we buy everything at Trader Joe's, we bought the ketchup, mustard, and dressing there.  We bought Trader Joe's Goddess Dressing which is about the best dressing you have ever tasted.  Although, we were slightly worried people would be scared off when they didn't see the standard ranch on the table. 

Sure enough, everyone kept asking what the Goddess dressing was all about and my sister would answer that there are no words to describe it.  They would have to try it. Some would stare at it, before hesitantly pouring it on their naked salads.  That's right.  Bravo.  Trying something new today.  You're not going to die.

What got even more looks and comments was the Organic Ketchup.  As soon as someone sees the word Organic that means it's healthy, which to some people means danger this might taste weird and I might die due to lack of chemically processed, sugar added ketchup.  Is it that big of deal?  Does it taste that much different?  No.  One guy even commented on how he thought tomatoes tasted like tomatoes, so what's with this organic stuff.  Excuse me, my eyes just naturally roll out of my head when I hear something ridiculous. 

The comments didn't end there.  As they were eating, one lady even asked, "What is a Trader Joe?" Someone answered, "I think it's a restaurant."  WHAT?! 

Our day had new meaning just by introducing a few people to Trader Joe's and making them eat something organic.  I'm sure we made quite an impression.  They all survived and hopefully will tell the tale of that restaurant, Trader Joe's.  Where have these people been living under a rock?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hamburger

Let's talk first impressions at a restaurant.  First impressions are a big deal.  Not that I always make a stellar first impression.  It's something I'm constantly working on and often failing at.  With that said, here's some insight into what first impression I think you're making from what you order at a gourmet restaurant. 

A friend was describing a first date just recently and after going through how she wasn't quite sure if this guy was exactly her type, she threw in this tidbit of information.  "At least, he didn't order the hamburger.  You know?"  Thank you.  I know.

The hamburger.  I have nothing against hamburgers.  I love going to the local hamburger joints and trying to find the best one.  There is a time and a place for a hamburger.  The hamburger at a gourmet restaurant, however, is there for those people who are too scared or stubborn to try anything different.  If he had ordered a hamburger, the safest most bland thing off this delectable menu, does he only eat hamburgers?  Or is he just incredibly cheap? If he chose the hamburger here, then what will he do at my favorite Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Peruvian, Ethiopian  restaurants?  There will be no hamburgers to fall back on there.  He wouldn't even go, would he?  And everything comes crashing down.

I bet he doesn't like to travel.  How could a person who ordered spaghetti and meatballs at this Italian Bistro like to travel?  He must be incredibly close-minded.  Hey Buddy, there is a whole world out there of sensational flavors just waiting to be tasted.  While he is still searching for spaghetti and meatballs on the vast menu of ridiculously delicious concoctions, I will have left. 
There is always the exception.  Maybe he was brought up on meat and potatoes and he had never thought to try anything but that.  Is he willing to experience life for the first time?  For life without food of every variety is sorely lacking.  I'm not expecting him to like everything, but he must try it.  Just once.  He'll be glad he did and might be surprised at what he had been missing.  He will follow me to far away lands hidden right in this city.  The moments we will share of spices, sauces, sweet aromas, and curries.  Pleasure for the palate. 

And if he says no, if he isn't ready to take this relatively harmless food journey, what other things will he turn down?  What sad life will he lead?  I know some people like this, people I don't like. Maybe he will make me eat my words, but for now we will take our seperate ways. 

Please, just don't order the hamburger. 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great Expectations

I learned something.  Maybe I should go into things with extremely low expectations more often.  The other day there were numerous things I needed to do based wholly on feeling obligated to do them.  There wasn't even the slightest bit of excitement or of wanting on my part to go.  Obligation, though, always wins in the end.  To bring myself to say no and be selfish, to sleep in, to think of only my own interests, this is not how to live.  That is not the way to make friends. 

And so I dragged myself out the door with heavy boots and little to no expectations of enjoying myself.  The change came in the words of a friend.  "I'm so happy that you came."  With those few words, I knew the fight against myself, my bed, my Saturday morning plans of doing absolutely nothing was worth it.  My being there meant something to someone. 

A bridal shower was next on the agenda of dreaded things.  I have been to one too many bridal showers where half the time is spent sitting around waiting for the food, waiting for the awful opening of the gifts to be over, waiting for anything remotely interesting to happen.  Yet again, my bad attitude was showed who's boss.  It wasn't half as bad as I thought.  It was actually somewhat entertaining and they kept the night moving with some silly games.  It's all about time management.  Another good idea is always have a reason to leave before they start opening the gifts.  My reason was a movie.

A dance movie.  Yes, Footloose.  I don't think there is a dance movie that has disappointed, even Step Up 2 which wasn't as good as Step Up or surprisingly Step Up 3.  Give me a good dance movie any day.  The desire to dance to end an exhausting day is never a bad thing. 

In conclusion, maybe it was good to go into the day with low expectations, because I learned that often times my expectations are completely and utterly wrong. 

Except for Footloose, which was exactly how I was expecting it to be.  Sometimes I get it right.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Le Sigh

Found on a number of my favorite blogs.  Here and Here
 "Go places and do things and travel lighter."  Sometimes I hear stories of people who just make things happen.  They go and do without cares and somehow they make it work.  It might not always be the easy route, but oh the stories they have to tell.  I feel like I've always been responsible, thinking everything through before acting on it.  Right now, I have to keep reminding myself of the things I have done in the past few years.  Four years ago was my first trip to Europe, then there was New York, Toronto, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, San Francisco twice, Portland, all in four short years.  That's not too bad a list.  Somehow this year has made me forget.  There seems to be such a distance between those places and where I am right now.  I don't mean to be all whiny, but I just don't feel like it's enough.  Please tell me how crazy I am to feel this way.  This yearning is deep and not easily thrown aside.  If you don't want to tell me how crazy I am, I'm taking suggestions for how to make money while traveling or living in another country. 

In the meantime, I'm taking these lovely words to heart.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Handy Tip for the Easily Distracted

Excellent, isn't it?  I am so easily distracted.  I don't know what I would do without these distractions.  Something productive, no doubt.  Imagine that. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

And I Can Breathe Again

There is something about live music that is so refreshing.  For those few hours, it's you and the music.  Even though you are sharing this moment with a crowded room full of strangers, they are there and yet they are not there.  The music literally pulsing through you.  Let's just say Portugal. The Man put on a good show.  And I breathed it all in.

I'm breathing in that fresh, crisp autumn air that has been gone for so long.  Waking up early for a hike to the top of a mountain watching as the sun peeks out over the hills is grand.  I'm starting to enjoy mornings while holding onto my nights, losing precious hours of sleep.  It's an adjustment and my blogging has fallen to the wayside.  For no reason at all, besides the fact that I've just had nothing. I hope that this isn't chronic writer's block, like what happened between the years of 2004 to just recently.  2004 - when I moved to Arizona.  That's when the life was sucked out of me and with it my writing.  Okay, it hasn't been all that bad, but sometimes it feels like it. 

I'll try to pull from somewhere deep down or maybe just something that's right in front of me to get out of this rut.  Bear with me, will you.  In the meantime, while I give you this pathetic excuse of a post, read this because it's just so lovely.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Fine

I just realized I haven't posted anything here in over five days.  I have no reason for not posting.  I have been busy, but not more than normal.  I've been trying to get to bed earlier and have woken up before the sun rises three times in the past week.  This is new.  I've been trying to work out.  Trying to eat healthier.  All good things.  I got my hair dyed darker.  I was sick of being called a blonde.  I am not a blonde, but my hair said otherwise.  I'm back to brunette.  It looks good.  I've hung out with friends.  We had a nice time. 

This week has been fine.  That's all I can really say to describe it.  I'm not happy with fine.  Fine is something that should only be said when a stranger asks, "How are you?"  They don't know you and don't want to know that you are anything but fine.  That is acceptable.

Fine is something that is mundane, barely passable, just there.  It's not bad.  It's not good.  Although don't get me started on good, because for a word it's about as sad as fine. 

Fine is creativity's enemy.   

That's where I have been, in this state of fine.  Like I said it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not how I want my life to be.  It's not how I want people to think of me.  She is... fine.  Give me anything but.  Hopefully this next week will bring some more colorful adjectives. 

Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Have All the Armchairs Gone?

Sing this post title to the vocal styling of Paula Cole and Where Have All the Cowboys Gone.  Why you ask?  Because for some reason that awful song came rolling into my thoughts as I typed that title and now it won't go away.  I want you to suffer like I suffer. 

Now let's get down to business.  There are times I don't have time to go home before going to work, but I have some time to kill.  About an hour to read to my hearts content, try to get lost in a book, before the onslaught of work.  Where should I go? 

Have you noticed how there is an alarming lack of comfortable armchairs at Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles anymore?  In fact, all the Starbucks near my work are always packed out for some reason.  You would be doing good to find even one empty seat, let alone a nice comfy home away from home armchair to settle down in for a good hour.  Today, I went to Barnes and Nobles and the two armchairs they had were occupied, one by an older gentleman who was sleeping or dead, but I didn't stop to check because I was too busy running to catch an open chair in the cafe area. 

These armchairs are so sweet. 
I need to find a quaint little nook that no one else knows about so I can know the feeling of sinking into that comfy armchair everyone is always hoarding. 

Where is your go to hang out?

This isn't an armchair, but I would be happy here.  And I love The Bell Jar. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Present

A pretty present for a friend's bridal shower tomorrow.
It's all in the presentation. 
The packaging gets me even more excited than the gift.

Don't you just love how pretty presents are?  The wrapping, the bows, the ribbons!  

On a side note: I haven't been posting much this past week.  Not much has been going on besides Korean Drama viewing on Netflix.  I am addicted.  Now I have Korean Pop music stuck in my head daily.  Oh, and Dance Moms.  Don't judge.  You know you love it too.  I cannot look away.  This is of course besides all the other necessary thing I need to get done on a weekly basis.  I am accomplishing many things, believe me.  

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Goodbye To Blockbuster

I can't remember the last time I went to Blockbuster. Now I couldn't even go if I wanted to. Makes me wish I would have gone one last time for that nostalgic goodbye. Okay, there are still a few that haven't cleared their shelves and shut their doors, but the ones that are still open aren't conveniently located for me.

With the rise of Redbox, Blockbuster Express, and Netflix, the old stores were bound to failure. The more machine, less personable way to rent movies without any need for human contact the better. Such is our generation's way.

I'm not saying I am not a fan of the convenience these various avenues offer me.  I would much rather not spent three times as much and drive out of my way to get the video store experience.  It's just that I was thinking about this the other day, how much time we spent scouring the aisles of the local video store.  Usually we would go with our group of friends and since we all could never decide on a movie it would take us a long time to get out of there.  There were definitely some good memories in the video store. 

Now as I see a bunch of little girls flipping through the movies at Redbox, I'm impatient.  I know exactly what movie I want.  I wouldn't take up the whole kiosk causing a line to pile up.  Instead of sending them dirty looks while simultaneously tapping my foot, I need to remember this is their video store.  The only problem is we have to share.  There isn't space to debate, giggle, talk about anything but which movie we want to pick.  Redbox is suppose to be fast.  Get your movie and go.  The kids don't get to have that hang out at the video store experience without getting some disgruntled stares and a little foot tapping, not from me, I swear. 

How times have changed and not necessarily all for the better.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What To Do If You Find Yourself In The Middle of Bangkok In The Pouring Rain

This is a how-to of sorts.  I'm sure it will come in handy.  Good advice you will use for years to come.  Who doesn't get caught in a torrential downpour in the middle of Bangkok, Thailand?  Surely, not I.  A monsoon with no umbrella has become my lot in life.  On one hand, I love rain.  Especially in those tropical climates, rain is the only time you really feel a little chill in the air.  Although, the locals would stop and stare at the girls all soaking wet and warn us about the acid rain that falls from that dark sky.

If you are caught in the middle of Bangkok in the pouring rain, here's what you do.

If there is a mall nearby, which there will be, avoid it.  Malls are like convenience stores over there.  They are everywhere.  These are huge looming ten story malls just waiting to swallow you whole and never let you find your way out.  I would go to the same mall ten times in a row and still get lost trying to find that little vietnamese food stall in the dark, gloomy basement food court.  It was worth the dizzy feeling of going up and down the escalators searching for the one that would take you down there to get your bun.  One way down and no way out.  I'd had my fill of malls.

Instead head for the nearby Art and Cultural Center.  There you will see they are having free events all night.  You will see mimes.  They will be funny, as only Thai mimes could be.  And oh, will you laugh.

You might see a room full of beanbags that look like boobs.  They call this an exhibit.  Take off your shoes and stay awhile.  It's comfy there.  

You will want to wait in eager anticipation to see the contemporary dance.  This will be nothing like So You Think You Can Dance's contemporary dances you have come to know and love.  You will not be expecting to see a woman dressed in traditional Thai costume sit on the stage and move her fingers, hands and wrists but nothing else set to shrill high pitched music for a straight 15 minutes.  You will want to leave and you really should, but you won't.  No, you will stay to witness a grown man in a cloth diaper depict a baby being a born.  The room will be silent as the baby/man slowly stands to face the audience and then lets out a baby's first cry.


Now this is important.  Do not laugh.  Even though, it will take all you have in you not to, you must not laugh and in turn lose the respect of all those Thai people.  You see, you are the only foreigners in the room, because you got caught in the rain in the middle of Bangkok.

I hope this helps.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Holy Pumpkin Spice Latte! That's a thing.

Pumpkin Spice Latte
Pumpkin Spice Latte
  It's back!!  Although, I don't always have the latte.  I ask for a couple pumps to be put into my iced coffee.  Cheaper and colder, since it is still 100 degrees outside.  We're trying not to sweat it, because the Pumpkin Spice is back and with it fond memories of Autumn, my favorite season that does not exist here. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Not Another Video, You Say?

I saw this and I just can't help myself.  I had to share.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding and Foodies

Last weekend, we went to a wedding.  It was really pretty.  The food was some of the best wedding food I'd had in a long time.  The music not so much.  The DJ just killed it (not in a good way).  All things considered it was alright and weddings are always fun opportunities to dress up.  So there's that.

Thanks to these awesome bloggers, I made these bracelets.  I've seen some similar at stores, but honestly I like mine better.  I can't believe how good they came out.  Join the arm party!  Stacking bracelets is still going strong.

Gold Bracelet - F21

And then Sydney did my hair all pretty like.  Find the tutorial here.  Seriously, I would be a hot mess without blogs and Sydney, of course.  I need help. 

I don't take enough pictures.  All the other ones turned out too dark to even think of posting.  I only had my iPhone and I'm not a fan of the flash.  I think all the pictures come out looking kind of grainy.  My fault for not having a proper cam-er-a.  

Quick Tip:  Just found out that Yelp is doing this competition with quite a few of the more upscale, gourmet restaurants in Tucson.  They each are picking one of their signature appetizers and offering it for $5.  For this week only, starting today, they want you to go try them all and put in your vote for the best one on Yelp.  We'll see who shall be deemed worthy!  Check out Yelp for more details. 

You might just find me at any one of these places this week.  Great opportunity to go and check out some of these places I haven't had time to yet.  Appetizer crawl antics to come!  Stay tuned.  

Sunday, September 4, 2011

High Wheel

I want to go to there! They digitally remastered it to look as if the wheel was spinning on nothing and just floating there in the air. Dreamy, isn't it?   

High Wheel by Maider Lopez from maider lopez on Vimeo

Thursday, September 1, 2011

How To Talk To Little Girls

I fall short in this department all the time.  It's easy to talk to little girls about their clothes, hair, and appearance in general.  Even as us girls turn into women, small talk sometimes consists of the cute outfit they are wearing, how pretty their hair looks, etc.  It might not be the easiest thing to change and get out of our ways in this way of talking to each other, but this is such a good article to help us become more aware of it.  Maybe we think we are helping little girls have more self esteem by our constant compliments, but in effect we are making matters worse.  Everything in moderation, I suppose. 

This article is from the Huffington Post by Lisa Bloom:

"I went to a dinner party at a friend's home last weekend, and met her five-year-old daughter for the first time.
Little Maya was all curly brown hair, doe-like dark eyes, and adorable in her shiny pink nightgown. I wanted to squeal, "Maya, you're so cute! Look at you! Turn around and model that pretty ruffled gown, you gorgeous thing!"
But I didn't. I squelched myself. As I always bite my tongue when I meet little girls, restraining myself from my first impulse, which is to tell them how darn cute/ pretty/ beautiful/ well-dressed/ well-manicured/ well-coiffed they are.
What's wrong with that? It's our culture's standard talking-to-little-girls icebreaker, isn't it? And why not give them a sincere compliment to boost their self-esteem? Because they are so darling I just want to burst when I meet them, honestly.
Hold that thought for just a moment.
This week ABC News reported that nearly half of all three- to six-year-old girls worry about being fat. In my book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World, I reveal that 15 to 18 percent of girls under 12 now wear mascara, eyeliner and lipstick regularly; eating disorders are up and self-esteem is down; and 25 percent of young American women would rather win America's Next Top Model than the Nobel Peace Prize. Even bright, successful college women say they'd rather be hot than smart. A Miami mom just died from cosmetic surgery, leaving behind two teenagers. This keeps happening, and it breaks my heart.
Teaching girls that their appearance is the first thing you notice tells them that looks are more important than anything. It sets them up for dieting at age 5 and foundation at age 11 and boob jobs at 17 and Botox at 23. As our cultural imperative for girls to be hot 24/7 has become the new normal, American women have become increasingly unhappy. What's missing? A life of meaning, a life of ideas and reading books and being valued for our thoughts and accomplishments.
That's why I force myself to talk to little girls as follows.
"Maya," I said, crouching down at her level, looking into her eyes, "very nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too," she said, in that trained, polite, talking-to-adults good girl voice.
"Hey, what are you reading?" I asked, a twinkle in my eyes. I love books. I'm nuts for them. I let that show.
Her eyes got bigger, and the practiced, polite facial expression gave way to genuine excitement over this topic. She paused, though, a little shy of me, a stranger.
"I LOVE books," I said. "Do you?"
Most kids do.
"YES," she said. "And I can read them all by myself now!"
"Wow, amazing!" I said. And it is, for a five-year-old. You go on with your bad self, Maya.
"What's your favorite book?" I asked.
"I'll go get it! Can I read it to you?"
Purplicious was Maya's pick and a new one to me, as Maya snuggled next to me on the sofa and proudly read aloud every word, about our heroine who loves pink but is tormented by a group of girls at school who only wear black. Alas, it was about girls and what they wore, and how their wardrobe choices defined their identities. But after Maya closed the final page, I steered the conversation to the deeper issues in the book: mean girls and peer pressure and not going along with the group. I told her my favorite color in the world is green, because I love nature, and she was down with that.
Not once did we discuss clothes or hair or bodies or who was pretty. It's surprising how hard it is to stay away from those topics with little girls, but I'm stubborn.
I told her that I'd just written a book, and that I hoped she'd write one too one day. She was fairly psyched about that idea. We were both sad when Maya had to go to bed, but I told her next time to choose another book and we'd read it and talk about it. Oops. That got her too amped up to sleep, and she came down from her bedroom a few times, all jazzed up.
So, one tiny bit of opposition to a culture that sends all the wrong messages to our girls. One tiny nudge towards valuing female brains. One brief moment of intentional role modeling. Will my few minutes with Maya change our multibillion dollar beauty industry, reality shows that demean women, our celebrity-manic culture? No. But I did change Maya's perspective for at least that evening.
Try this the next time you meet a little girl. She may be surprised and unsure at first, because few ask her about her mind, but be patient and stick with it. Ask her what she's reading. What does she like and dislike, and why? There are no wrong answers. You're just generating an intelligent conversation that respects her brain. For older girls, ask her about current events issues: pollution, wars, school budgets slashed. What bothers her out there in the world? How would she fix it if she had a magic wand? You may get some intriguing answers. Tell her about your ideas and accomplishments and your favorite books. Model for her what a thinking woman says and does.
And let me know the response you get at and Facebook.
Here's to changing the world, one little girl at a time.
For many more tips on how keep yourself and your daughter smart, check out my new book, Think: Straight Talk for Women to Stay Smart in a Dumbed-Down World,"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hey You With The Blue Umbrella

Say something nice.  Just a friendly reminder.  I know I need it sometimes.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

This is a post about humor but it's not funny. Go figure.

I've never considered myself a funny girl.  I'm more sarcastic than anything.  I'm pretty sure it's not the first thing anyone would say to describe me, "Oh that girl, she's funny."  I'm thinking not.  I have my moments, every now and then.  Then there are those people who are really truly funny, that bring out the funny in you, or is it that they know how to make fun of you in such a way that you just think you are funny.  Isn't humor all relative anyway?  You will find something to be hilarious, while another person won't get it. 
Half of the funny things people say are from movies, comedians, and tv shows anyway.  Is it that that person is hilarious or do they just have a really good memory?  They have the comedic timing, but are just using other's words.  Where did these comedians and writers get this stuff from but from some situation that happened or some other person that might have said something funny one day but didn't have the means to put it out there to an audience and see if it takes.  It's people who see the humor in anything.  Life is funny.  People are definitely funny. 

I've never been good at remembering lines or is it just that I don't rewatch the same movies or shows over and over again to remember them.  If I had a good memory, would I be funnier?  Maybe.

Whatever you do, please don't spend an entire evening quoting a movie start to finish, because that's just sad.  Do you not have anything of your own originality to say?  I know you think that movie is funny, but I'd rather be watching it than listen to you quote it.  A little bitter that I can't quote a whole movie even if I wanted to?  Maybe, but not really. 

I don't know what the point of this post is at all, except to share some of my random observations of late.  I'm not looking to be that funny girl either.  I think I'm kind of that average girl who is mediocre at a lot of things, but likes to travel.  Now that's a mouth full. 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Got Our Free Crappy Portrait!

Have you guys heard of the site Free Crappy Portraits?  It all stemmed from a couple friends who used to go down on a boardwalk in California and draw free crappy portraits for people.  They would ask people to tell them a few random facts about themselves and get to drawing.  Now they have a website where people can send in any photo and tell them a bit about themselves.  Then you wait to see how the artist interprets it into a free crappy portrait.

I love this, because you go in with the lowest expectations imaginable, since they aren't hiding the fact that they are the very best amateur artists.  I had a pencil drawing done on the street in NYC once when I was younger, my parents forced me to do it.  It was winter time.  The artist took forever.  You would think he could have sped it up, watching me shivering.  The end result was comical.  I looked like a Russian immigrant just come off the ship.  These guys really think they are capturing you.  Ugh.

Anyway, we sent in this portrait.  We said something like this.
This is my sister, Sydney and I. I'm the one with the turban. She's the cute one. We both love traveling. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia feels like our second home. We LOVE ice cream! Sydney likes to knit in the winter and she hates it when people call her Cindy. It's SYDNEY! I think foxes are cute, even though I've never seen one in the wild and I can't live without my iced coffee.
It's fun to see how the artist interpreted it and what they decided to use from the random things we said.  My ice cream scoop even has a turban on it.  Love it!!

From this

Get your work of art here!  Thanks, FCP!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Finding Jewelry That Looks Like A Million Bucks

Most days Forever 21 is not on the top of my list.  The store is sort of overwhelming and scary.  The clothes are jammed onto those racks and you can't hardly see what anything is unless you take each individual shirt out.  Have you seen how big those stores are?  Also, it's sometimes hard to sift through the racks of clothes that look like they will fall apart the first time you wear it while you're wearing it, because it won't have the respect to wait until you get home.  You can find a few pieces that look like they are good quality, even though they are not at all.  

I usually like to head by the jewelry.  It's not as daunting and everything is, for Forever 21 standards, displayed nicely.  Usually I will find one or two things that won't make me look like a pre-teen wannabe.
And I snatch them up.  Like that necklace.  Love getting things for so cheap that appear to be expensive.  

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer's End

This week temperatures are predicted to be well over 100 degrees.  All week long.  Every year the summer looms over us like an incoming cloud of doom.  It's not clouds, it's the scorching sun that is truly unbearable.  Every year just when we start to forget summer, there it is, back again.  There is no perfect place, this I know, but the summer is suffocating.  It sucks the life out of you.  By afternoon, it's had it's fun and you are a pile of blubbering mush.  There is no functioning in this weather. 

It's not just the heat that's to blame.  It's this summer, in particular, when things that are completely out of my control, are pushing down on me.  I am happy in the day to day.  The new friends and experiences that are challenging.  And there is fun.  Still I can't help but long for this summer to be over.  The opportunities that are there.  They are just within my grasp, but seem so far away.  My heart aches for a foreign land.  Or maybe I'll be thrown in a totally different direction.  The time to do it is now, but I am not moving.  I never thought I'd be yearning to be able to make a decision.  You always want what you can't have. 

For now I'll just wait and survive this summer knowing that it too will come to an end.  And look to the beginning of more that I know is coming.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Zumba Fever

If there is such a thing, we've got it.

Some friends of ours started going to this little place in South Tucson.  It's not the best part of town and once you head south on 6th it's as if you crossed the border into Mexico.  What better place to go to experience Zumba, a latin inspired dance/exercise class, than South Tucson.  It's in a little room behind a Mexican restaurant.  And it's cheap.  But boy do these ladies dance!

Walking through those doors, it's like my sister and I are going to a foreign country.  Everyone stares.  What are those white girls doing here?  We're here to dance.  To learn through pain and sweat.  I don't have too many curves and I feel kind of hopeless that I will ever learn to shake what little I have.  The instructor is yelling out instructions in Spanish.  She spouts out a speech about trying not to laugh at the gringos.  It's their first time here.  Maybe they will catch on.  She could be saying that or she is giving a pep talk to get ready for the next dance.  We wouldn't know the difference.  Then she looks at us and says a few words, "We're gonna do this..."  Five minutes of instructions in Spanish, then she looks at us, "Ok?"  We try to laugh when others laugh and yell out when they yell out.  It's an adventure.  It's how we like to do things.  If we are completely comfortable, we aren't learning anything about new cultures and dance, mostly dance.  It's not too hard to follow along.  We've joined the party and we don't want it to stop.

Who wouldn't like to dance with no inhibitions, not a care in the world, no feelings of being self conscious, because you are in a room full of women who have some serious curves wearing little skirts that are shiny and chime as they sway back and forth.  And dancing.  Time doesn't even matter when you're dancing.

When it's all over and you are dripping with sweat, you look disgusting but feel amazing.  You go across the street to the little Mexican restaurant for fresh horchata, fish tacos, and girl talk.

Zumba fever.  Yup.

And the only cure.  More cowbell.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

It Was A DIY Day!

After seeing this little DIY tutorial by the amazing Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess, I had to do it.  How great is that?  After a couple Goodwill hunts, I found the perfect little print.  For less than ten dollars, I snagged it.  I decided on a lyric from a She and Him song that I love.  I like how it turned out.  Go make one for yourself and show me the result!



Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Awkward

Isn't it great when you meet someone and you just click?  It's as if you had been friends forever.  You can talk about nothing and everything.  There are no long pauses.  You don't have to grasp at things to talk about because you both have that useful skill called making conversation.  It's a good day in non awkward conversation history.  Cherish those moments.  Embrace those words, expressions, thoughts, ideas making sweet music in this grand symphony of a conversation, for the next hundred people you meet will not be so.

Now we all know how much I love a good strange encounter or run-in around here.  Let's add awkward conversations to the list, shall we?  I've been awkward myself at times. I write this from the heart. You are not going to click with everyone unfortunately.  It would be nice if we could avoid all conversations of this variety, but it cannot be helped.  

Don't you love it when you ask some questions and the other person replies with no longer than two syllable answers?

How are you?  Fine.

What have you been up to lately?  Nothing.

So you just got back from vacation? Yeah. 

How was it? Good.  

I get it.  You really don't want to talk to me, and believe you me neither do I.  I'm really trying here.  I'm starting to sweat.  You could help a girl out by giving me something, anything.  Now is when you have to ask a bit more involved question.  Something they have to explain.

Where are you working now?  What do you do there?  

Now the person is warming up.  They explain a bit about their job.  You try to look interested.  Searching for something you can draw from what they are saying to keep the conversation going.  This is hard work.  Who needs a gym membership when there are so many awkward conversations to be had!  You're going to be exhausted after this.  Drink that protein shake down. You are going to need it. 

The problem is that this person will not ask you any questions back.  This is when you start talking to yourself even though there is a person standing there.  

What do I do for work?  Well, I'll tell you what.  

I know you're dying to know what I like to do for fun, right?  

You jammer on while this sorry blank faced, apathetic shell of a person sits there.  It's time to throw out  the big guns.  The questions no one dare ask.  You're getting desperate.  

What was your most terrifying experience from your childhood?  

When did you get that huge scar on your face?  Everyone loves telling their scar stories, right?

When are you due?

Are you a Mac or a PC?

Have you ever considered plastic surgery?  

What are you most looking forward to in your life?  

Are you passionate about anything at all?

Are you constipated?  Because you look a little bit constipated.  

If all else fails and only if all else fails, there is always the weather.  This is the end game of any awkward conversation.  This is when all hope is lost for keeping this charade going and you are at your wits end.  You will be physically shaking and mentally broken.  You may or may not be gnawing on a chicken bone or sucking on your hair.  When it comes down to it, your sanity is worth saving over this sad conversation.  Throw in the towel and walk away, unless you are sitting next to them at a dinner party already at this point before the main entree hits the table.  The night has just begun and you are in for the night of your life.  It's going to be epic.  Think of the stories you will have to tell.  

How 'bout that weather? 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Old Books Make Me Swoon

Used book stores might be one of my favorite places.  There was the used book store in Downtown Milwaukee, shelves high as the ceiling full of old books.  The beautiful ornate book spines would beckon me to pull them off the shelf and take a closer look.  The lighting was dim as if a few bulbs had burnt out and no one had bothered to change them or noticed or cared.  It gave the whole place an eerie feel, while surrounded by books that had seen so much.  If only they could tell us what they have seen or who had tossed them about and dog eared the pages.  Why did they underline that word?  Whose hands had flipped through these pages?

Then there are those special treasures, the ones with book inscriptions, little endearing notes from the giver to their love, friend, or family.  These are the books that give you a glimmer of insight into their past.  I found one of those books.  It helps me remember a time when guys would give a book as a gift, writing a handwritten note in the front cover to be cherished by the receiver forever.  This would happen back in March of '63, but it should happen more often today.  Maybe it does happen.  I just haven't met the guy who will give me that book with that sweet handwritten note hidden within it's cover... yet.  If I ever have that moment, I think I might be a goner.

There is something to be said about a guy completely enthralled reading a book.  It always makes me do a double take.  So Gentleman take note, if you want to make me or a great many girls I'm sure go weak in the knees, put down that phone and pick up a book.  I'm not talking about an ebook on your iPad or Kindle either.  A real old fashioned book, preferably used with an inscription.

This is why I love old books.  This one book brought me back to a time before texting, ecards, and the instant gratification that all things in this technological age have brought us.  A time when a simple note in a little book was a grand romantic gesture.  Let's go back to that time with these little things that can mean so much.  That time could be now.  

Monday, August 8, 2011

Currently Loving...

I haven't shared any music on here in awhile.  Here's a playlist of some that I have been listening to to get me through the morning and let's face it the whole day.  If you are looking for some good music, listen to this!

Let's Play a Friendly Game of Dinner Eavesdropping

Sometimes you may find yourself in an uncomfortably quiet restaurant.  This can be quite unsettling.  For some reason, a few restaurants haven't come around to the idea that we need a bit of noise to make us feel like everyone in the restaurant isn't over hearing our whole conversation.  Not that our conversations are that eavesdropper worthy, but in a quiet restaurant with my voice (the more animated I get the louder it becomes) people are going to hear me whether they like it or not.  Maybe it's just me that gets uncomfortable, since I haven't gotten the whole whispering in quiet restaurants thing down.  My whisper sounds like a normal person's voice.  I'm not normal.  I think we've established that already.

Let's just say that my friends have pointed out to me on numerous occasions that I am speaking quite loudly and the ladies and gentleman at the table over are laughing at whatever I might be saying.  Notice I did not say they are laughing at me, but in all honesty they most likely are.

The other night, my sister and I found ourselves in one of these restaurants.  It was an Indian place.  And it was delicious.  On this occasion, we didn't have much to talk about.  This is what happens when you work at the same place and live together.  It's a sad situation.

There we were just waiting silently for our food, when the guy at the next table opened his mouth.  You think my voice is loud.  It paled in comparison to this guy's pipes.  Naturally, we did what anyone in a quiet restaurant with nothing to say to each other and a guy talking very loudly right next to us would do.  We listened.  He reminded me of someone I'd met before.  I couldn't put my finger on who it was, but it was someone I had met briefly and who I had found annoying.  I remember that I had tried to get away from this particular person and now we were sitting in a restaurant practically forced to listen to someone who sounded exactly like him.  Wonderful.

They were on a first date.  This guy was killing it.  I was sitting at the next table over and I just wanted to tap him on the shoulder and say you can just stop talking now.  We've heard enough.  The girl he was with was digging him though.  I'm glad they found each other.  It gives all those awkward, obnoxious people some hope.  Are you pointing your finger at me?  Alright, point taken.

I did think to myself is this what others think of me when I'm talking in not so hushed tones in a quiet little restaurant?  Half annoyed half amused.  Maybe.  I am a believer in eavesdropping, not in a creepy way, but if someone is talking that loudly aren't they pretty much opening it up to everyone to listen to what they have to say?  It's just another form of people watching and we all love to do that.  You can learn some interesting things from these loud talkers.  Maybe uncomfortably quiet restaurants are not such a bad thing.  I had a pleasant evening.

 "I hope it works out for you two.  Have fun at the art exhibit," I said in passing.

 Nope, not creepy at all.

But still, I really need to work on that.  Can you hear me now?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Better Than Shark Week

I highly encourage you to unglue yourself from watching yet another shark massacre yet another human and dig through your mom's dresser drawers.  You might just find something like this.

Couldn't believe it had been hiding in the depths of that drawer all this time.  According to my mom, it was her grandmother's.  Why didn't she mention it before?  Sydney and I are going to be fighting over it.   Love!

Also, could someone please fill me in on this Shark Week business?  I keep hearing about it.  References to Shark Week in what I'm reading as a snarky tone or are people just really into sharks?  I don't have cable and actually had to look up what Shark Week meant.  Is it some sort of sporting event?  I'm really not into sports.  Is there a new slang meaning for Shark that I am not aware of?  No, it is literally a week full of shark programing on the Discovery Channel.  I didn't know Shark Week was a thing.  Is it a thing?  Oh, the things I miss out on!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Thought You Had Me.

And you did. 

If you have been to Target and clean your house on the regular, you have most likely seen the Method products they sell there.  They should be easy to spot for they are the only cleaning supplies that steer away from the traditional packaging that we have all come to know and loathe (reminds us of cleaning, am I right?).  Now I'm all for things looking pretty, but design in laundry detergents and all purpose cleaners?  Have we really gone there?  The problem is I'm buying it.  For all I know by looking down the cleaning supply aisle, any one of those might do the job just fine.  I'm not going to buy those though, because I want the one that looks different. 

Now after further examination, Method products are not only good for their pretty exterior (or however pretty a laundry detergent dispenser can be), they actually sell a good product.  Although, I haven't given every cleaning supply a chance, because come on now, cleaning is not my favorite thing to do and I'm not about to try every last brand to see which I like better.  I'm going with the cleaning supply that peaks my interest.  You are different, therefore we are kindred spirits or as much as one could be with their hand soap. 

It's not only cleaning supplies. There is this new egg shaped lip balm that barely fits in my purse, for small purses were not meant to carry such things as eggs.  It looks interesting and some friends said it was good stuff.  I got one.  It is kind of odd, but I like it because who wants those plain old chapsticks.  I'll take the egg and it's all natural.  Bonus!  

I've fallen prey to the new gum packaging.  It's square now?  I'll take one of those.  It didn't taste better or last longer than the regular kind, but the box was square.  So there's that. 

I'll stop there with the examples.  I've embarrassed myself enough.  Is it bad that I like the pretty, unique, or bizarre packaging those design teams and ad reps cleverly come up with?  When I stop and think about it, I get quite upset that these whippersnappers are feeding us unassuming need to be different types with their products.  We are like putty in their grubby money loving hands.  Sometimes I want to just grab all my unique, pretty things and throw them on the ground.  And yell, "I'm not a part of your system. Man!"  And get all Andy Sandberg on them.  Then proceed to go and buy one of each of the most drab looking things on the market just to prove my point. 

But the fact is, I won't do that.  I will still keep buying these things, because they make me happy.  If someone can make me enjoy buying cleaning supplies, they've done something their mom's should be proud of and to that I say, "Well played, my friends, well played." 

Monday, August 1, 2011

Game Night

I love game nights.  Having some good friends over for snacks.  Think sweet potato fries with pulled pork.  Mmm!  Dessert.  Whoopie pies with sprinkles, because sprinkles make everything that much better.  And a good ol' fashioned round of Pictionary Telephone.  All adds up to being one terrific night. 


We were recently taught this game.  Everyone gets a stack of blank paper equal to the amount of people there are playing.  Then you each come up with a phrase.  Everyone passes their stack of papers to the person sitting next to them and that person must now draw that phrase and put the piece of paper behind.  When they are done drawing, they pass the stack of papers again.  Now by just looking at the picture, the next person must try to figure out what the phrase was and it keeps going around like that until it comes back to the original writer of the phrase and see how it all changes.  It's funny how everyones mind works differently.  

Any game that starts off as "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." And then after a minor misread turns into this picture is a good game in my book.  

He thought it said, "Shreks and stones may break my bones..."
From this picture, that original phrase turned into "In an ogre baseball league, the human bats might get hurt."  You can see how it gets twisted!  Such an easy game.  All you need is some paper and pens.  

Next up, a friendly game of Mafia.  Friends, you have been warned.  

Do you have any go to games you like to play on game nights? 


Maybe you could help explain something for me.  I'm the type of girl who usually replies when people invite me to do something.  If I say yes, I usually stick to my plan.  {I say usually, because I try to avoid saying the words always or never, because then you will inevitably watch for the day I contradict myself by doing said thing I said I would never do and you will secretly judge me for it.} Even if something else that might seemingly be a better option comes along, I'm committed to my first plan.  Or if there is a completely legitimate reason why I cannot make it, I will try to let that person I had plans with know so that they are not wondering where I am.  Would they even wonder?  Is this just me?

I'm not talking about dates.  I'm talking about just making plans with friends.  The friends said that they were going to be there.  Then they are not there.  They are probably just running late.  They couldn't decide on what to wear.  Traffic.  Maybe there was a car accident.  Maybe they were in a car accident.

Where are you?

No answer.  Are they dead somewhere?  Laying in a hospital bed with no one to comfort them.  Do they see their phone ringing, but can't move their arms to pick it up and say I'm not coming because I can't move my arms?  What could cause them to not send a simple text message to say I can't make it.  Change of plans.  *enter lame excuse here*  Is it weird that I am at all concerned about them?  I don't lose sleep over it, because it's happened before and it will happen again.  Still if they were in my position, would they not care if I was M.I.A.?

Then to top it all off, you see your friend a week later and they say, "Oh yeah, I saw you're text message.  I was laughing.  You were looking for me, huh?"  I'm glad you thought it was funny.

It's just this flippant disregard that saddens me.  I don't think it's intentional, but I don't think they think. And honestly sometimes I just don't get it.  Maybe I care too much?  I need to get a life so I'm too self absorbed to care about what other people do?

No.  I'm happy the way I am and I'll never try not to change.
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