Monday, September 19, 2011

Where Have All the Armchairs Gone?

Sing this post title to the vocal styling of Paula Cole and Where Have All the Cowboys Gone.  Why you ask?  Because for some reason that awful song came rolling into my thoughts as I typed that title and now it won't go away.  I want you to suffer like I suffer. 

Now let's get down to business.  There are times I don't have time to go home before going to work, but I have some time to kill.  About an hour to read to my hearts content, try to get lost in a book, before the onslaught of work.  Where should I go? 

Have you noticed how there is an alarming lack of comfortable armchairs at Starbucks or Barnes and Nobles anymore?  In fact, all the Starbucks near my work are always packed out for some reason.  You would be doing good to find even one empty seat, let alone a nice comfy home away from home armchair to settle down in for a good hour.  Today, I went to Barnes and Nobles and the two armchairs they had were occupied, one by an older gentleman who was sleeping or dead, but I didn't stop to check because I was too busy running to catch an open chair in the cafe area. 

These armchairs are so sweet. 
I need to find a quaint little nook that no one else knows about so I can know the feeling of sinking into that comfy armchair everyone is always hoarding. 

Where is your go to hang out?

This isn't an armchair, but I would be happy here.  And I love The Bell Jar. 


chestnutmocha said...

Hello! I love that picture with a book and a cake! so i'm at a right place to ask. I saw your comment on another blog about you reading Franny and Zooey - what do you think? Worth reading? I'm curious, don't even know why it made me so interested.. :-)

chestnutmocha said...

Thank you for such a quick response!! Yes, i've heard the name and was interested. Well, hahah it must be true about the dialogues. Thank you again for the review!

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

1. TOTALLY feel your pain on the armchair situation.
2. CURSE you for getting that stupid Paula Cole song stuck in my head.
3. Do you remember her armpit hair situation? Not okay.
4. I have always wanted to read The Bell Jar but when I am at the library I tend to forget about it.

Taylor said...

Meg - Definitely read The Bell Jar. So good. And yes I do remember that situation... I wonder where she disappeared to, but I don't mind if she never comes back. ;)


LOVE, those gorgeous armchairs. I want them in my house!! And agreed we need more comfy places to sit, there is nothing like sinking into a comfy chair and enjoying a little solitude/reading time. As for my fave hang out?! My patio, with a cup of tea. I work from home. xo veronika

chestnutmocha said...

yes, i agree the armchairs are very pretty..
ps: I tagged you in an award-post on my blog :) feel free to just read my post, but if you re-post too that's even better!

Taimi - TaimiToGetDressed said...

I love coffee shops for that very reason! Getting the comfy chair is the ultimate goal. My hangout USED to be Border but then uh they went bankrupt so now I have spent a lot of time at Panera Bread.

Taylor said...

Girl and Closet - No fair! I would love to work from home. No need to worry about being comfortable.

Chestnut Mocha - Thanks for the blog award. I might do it... we'll see.

Taimi - I LOVE Panera! We don't have any here unfortunately. Sad face.

Angela [Simply Simple Me] said...

I love love love those armchairs. I go to Barnes and Noble, but the lack of comfy chairs and chairs in general is no good :(

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