Sunday, September 25, 2011

I'm Fine

I just realized I haven't posted anything here in over five days.  I have no reason for not posting.  I have been busy, but not more than normal.  I've been trying to get to bed earlier and have woken up before the sun rises three times in the past week.  This is new.  I've been trying to work out.  Trying to eat healthier.  All good things.  I got my hair dyed darker.  I was sick of being called a blonde.  I am not a blonde, but my hair said otherwise.  I'm back to brunette.  It looks good.  I've hung out with friends.  We had a nice time. 

This week has been fine.  That's all I can really say to describe it.  I'm not happy with fine.  Fine is something that should only be said when a stranger asks, "How are you?"  They don't know you and don't want to know that you are anything but fine.  That is acceptable.

Fine is something that is mundane, barely passable, just there.  It's not bad.  It's not good.  Although don't get me started on good, because for a word it's about as sad as fine. 

Fine is creativity's enemy.   

That's where I have been, in this state of fine.  Like I said it's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's not how I want my life to be.  It's not how I want people to think of me.  She is... fine.  Give me anything but.  Hopefully this next week will bring some more colorful adjectives. 


I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

so I have never been to Hub. The Hub? Hubb? I don't know. But I hear there is ice cream. Really good ice cream. I was wondering if you and your sister would go there this weekend with me.

E. said...

I am lately only fine as well, but I think this post just upgraded me to good, at least. A lovely little reminder to buck up and be more--thank you!

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