Monday, December 5, 2011

Socks & Guitars

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Temperatures have dropped and we are finally experiencing the fall/winter we have all been anxiously waiting for.  I love this time of year.  Time to bring out the knitting.  Pull on the thick wooly socks and cozy up under a big, fluffy blanket with coffee in hand. 

Oh and the sleeping.  Keeping the windows opened just a smidge, breathing that crisp air, while smothered under a down comforter.  Amazing!  Getting up and out of bed is that much harder, but well worth it.  

I can finally wear my boots, coats, scarves, and hats.  These are exciting times, I tell you.  I know everyone in colder climates are rolling their eyes right about now, but it's so refreshing for us when last week we were still having highs in the 70s.  It's a much needed change that impacts not only what I wear, but my overall mood.  I might not be so happy tomorrow morning waking up for my outdoor boot camp class, when it is supposed to be a whopping 28 degrees out there.  I might be crazy.

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Also, I did it!  I finally bought an acoustic guitar.  Along with trying to learn a bit of Nepali language, I'm adding guitar to the list.  I hope I never stop appreciating the value of learning new things.  I had the day off and I just played around with the guitar for a good three hours.  It's nice how many free online tutorials are out there, so refreshing to actually have more resources when I've had such a hard time finding anything for violin music. Garage Band on my Mac even has 8 free lessons included.  Who knew.  I feel like I have a good start (don't worry I won't start recording myself and putting it up on YouTube until I've been playing for at least a week).  Now to find some fun easy songs to learn to play.  Suggestions? 


Anonymous said...

I fooled around with my brothers guitar some time ago...mastered "twinkle twinkle" in no time!

Shoko said...

How exciting! Congrats on that purchase. In college, I had a friend teach me a couple of Fleetwood Mac songs - they weren't too hard :) Happy strumming!

rebecca said...

awesome! the husband has mastered the guitar and i listen in awe. good luck!

Anonymous said...

I followed you over here via Rebecca's blog because I saw a comment you made about sign language. Speaking of learning things, I'm attempting to learn ASL this year from a book, but that's not the easiest thing to do. Do you know of any good websites or anything that might help??

My husband is like you. He wants to learn to play the guitar. Neither of us have any musical talent at all, so this should be interesting. I wish I had suggestions for you, but the closest I've ever been to a guitar is when a boyfriend in high school played one. ;o)

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