Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Goodbye To Blockbuster

I can't remember the last time I went to Blockbuster. Now I couldn't even go if I wanted to. Makes me wish I would have gone one last time for that nostalgic goodbye. Okay, there are still a few that haven't cleared their shelves and shut their doors, but the ones that are still open aren't conveniently located for me.

With the rise of Redbox, Blockbuster Express, and Netflix, the old stores were bound to failure. The more machine, less personable way to rent movies without any need for human contact the better. Such is our generation's way.

I'm not saying I am not a fan of the convenience these various avenues offer me.  I would much rather not spent three times as much and drive out of my way to get the video store experience.  It's just that I was thinking about this the other day, how much time we spent scouring the aisles of the local video store.  Usually we would go with our group of friends and since we all could never decide on a movie it would take us a long time to get out of there.  There were definitely some good memories in the video store. 

Now as I see a bunch of little girls flipping through the movies at Redbox, I'm impatient.  I know exactly what movie I want.  I wouldn't take up the whole kiosk causing a line to pile up.  Instead of sending them dirty looks while simultaneously tapping my foot, I need to remember this is their video store.  The only problem is we have to share.  There isn't space to debate, giggle, talk about anything but which movie we want to pick.  Redbox is suppose to be fast.  Get your movie and go.  The kids don't get to have that hang out at the video store experience without getting some disgruntled stares and a little foot tapping, not from me, I swear. 

How times have changed and not necessarily all for the better.


Anait said...

Your post totally brought back memories...I remember when going to blockbuster was a treat...we'd spend a half hour browsing the shelves, picking one movie then changing it for another.

Although I do really love netflix....

Natalie said...

When I have kids, I will make them ride their bikes down the street 3 times before they're allowed to watch Netflix; in lieu of them riding their bikes down the street to what-used-to-be-blockbuster. /fail.

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