Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Wedding and Foodies

Last weekend, we went to a wedding.  It was really pretty.  The food was some of the best wedding food I'd had in a long time.  The music not so much.  The DJ just killed it (not in a good way).  All things considered it was alright and weddings are always fun opportunities to dress up.  So there's that.

Thanks to these awesome bloggers, I made these bracelets.  I've seen some similar at stores, but honestly I like mine better.  I can't believe how good they came out.  Join the arm party!  Stacking bracelets is still going strong.

Gold Bracelet - F21

And then Sydney did my hair all pretty like.  Find the tutorial here.  Seriously, I would be a hot mess without blogs and Sydney, of course.  I need help. 

I don't take enough pictures.  All the other ones turned out too dark to even think of posting.  I only had my iPhone and I'm not a fan of the flash.  I think all the pictures come out looking kind of grainy.  My fault for not having a proper cam-er-a.  

Quick Tip:  Just found out that Yelp is doing this competition with quite a few of the more upscale, gourmet restaurants in Tucson.  They each are picking one of their signature appetizers and offering it for $5.  For this week only, starting today, they want you to go try them all and put in your vote for the best one on Yelp.  We'll see who shall be deemed worthy!  Check out Yelp for more details. 

You might just find me at any one of these places this week.  Great opportunity to go and check out some of these places I haven't had time to yet.  Appetizer crawl antics to come!  Stay tuned.  

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Rachel said...

Your hair looks so awesome! I wish I could do that..

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