Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hamburger

Let's talk first impressions at a restaurant.  First impressions are a big deal.  Not that I always make a stellar first impression.  It's something I'm constantly working on and often failing at.  With that said, here's some insight into what first impression I think you're making from what you order at a gourmet restaurant. 

A friend was describing a first date just recently and after going through how she wasn't quite sure if this guy was exactly her type, she threw in this tidbit of information.  "At least, he didn't order the hamburger.  You know?"  Thank you.  I know.

The hamburger.  I have nothing against hamburgers.  I love going to the local hamburger joints and trying to find the best one.  There is a time and a place for a hamburger.  The hamburger at a gourmet restaurant, however, is there for those people who are too scared or stubborn to try anything different.  If he had ordered a hamburger, the safest most bland thing off this delectable menu, does he only eat hamburgers?  Or is he just incredibly cheap? If he chose the hamburger here, then what will he do at my favorite Vietnamese, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Peruvian, Ethiopian  restaurants?  There will be no hamburgers to fall back on there.  He wouldn't even go, would he?  And everything comes crashing down.

I bet he doesn't like to travel.  How could a person who ordered spaghetti and meatballs at this Italian Bistro like to travel?  He must be incredibly close-minded.  Hey Buddy, there is a whole world out there of sensational flavors just waiting to be tasted.  While he is still searching for spaghetti and meatballs on the vast menu of ridiculously delicious concoctions, I will have left. 
There is always the exception.  Maybe he was brought up on meat and potatoes and he had never thought to try anything but that.  Is he willing to experience life for the first time?  For life without food of every variety is sorely lacking.  I'm not expecting him to like everything, but he must try it.  Just once.  He'll be glad he did and might be surprised at what he had been missing.  He will follow me to far away lands hidden right in this city.  The moments we will share of spices, sauces, sweet aromas, and curries.  Pleasure for the palate. 

And if he says no, if he isn't ready to take this relatively harmless food journey, what other things will he turn down?  What sad life will he lead?  I know some people like this, people I don't like. Maybe he will make me eat my words, but for now we will take our seperate ways. 

Please, just don't order the hamburger. 


Paige Andy said...

I love this. Risk more than is deemed safe.
Could've, would've, should've...the saddest conjugations in the English language :)

Paper Doll said...

love that your a foodie! we are too :)
love kat

Anonymous said...

I think Paige Andy means conjunctions. Or contractions. Those words are both. But they're definitely not conjugations.

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