Sunday, October 16, 2011

Great Expectations

I learned something.  Maybe I should go into things with extremely low expectations more often.  The other day there were numerous things I needed to do based wholly on feeling obligated to do them.  There wasn't even the slightest bit of excitement or of wanting on my part to go.  Obligation, though, always wins in the end.  To bring myself to say no and be selfish, to sleep in, to think of only my own interests, this is not how to live.  That is not the way to make friends. 

And so I dragged myself out the door with heavy boots and little to no expectations of enjoying myself.  The change came in the words of a friend.  "I'm so happy that you came."  With those few words, I knew the fight against myself, my bed, my Saturday morning plans of doing absolutely nothing was worth it.  My being there meant something to someone. 

A bridal shower was next on the agenda of dreaded things.  I have been to one too many bridal showers where half the time is spent sitting around waiting for the food, waiting for the awful opening of the gifts to be over, waiting for anything remotely interesting to happen.  Yet again, my bad attitude was showed who's boss.  It wasn't half as bad as I thought.  It was actually somewhat entertaining and they kept the night moving with some silly games.  It's all about time management.  Another good idea is always have a reason to leave before they start opening the gifts.  My reason was a movie.

A dance movie.  Yes, Footloose.  I don't think there is a dance movie that has disappointed, even Step Up 2 which wasn't as good as Step Up or surprisingly Step Up 3.  Give me a good dance movie any day.  The desire to dance to end an exhausting day is never a bad thing. 

In conclusion, maybe it was good to go into the day with low expectations, because I learned that often times my expectations are completely and utterly wrong. 

Except for Footloose, which was exactly how I was expecting it to be.  Sometimes I get it right.


meg fee said...

in my experience you have to show up for the things you least want to because those are the things that surprise you. and sometimes they don't and that's okay too. for every 10 things you go to, 9 might stink and 1 will blow you're mind. but you have to go to all 10 to get to that 1--you know?

Ro said...

I love when people use the expression "heavy boots"

some of my happiest memories have come from events that I did not want to attend.

about a year ago, i hung out with a friend and one of her friends, and I did not want to do anything that day at all. and that night led to my first love.
life surprises you sometimes :)

Taylor said...

Well, these events weren't blow your mind or meet your first love caliber, but I'm going to keep putting myself out there because I do believe that will happen. One day.

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