Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's Play a Friendly Game of Dinner Eavesdropping

Sometimes you may find yourself in an uncomfortably quiet restaurant.  This can be quite unsettling.  For some reason, a few restaurants haven't come around to the idea that we need a bit of noise to make us feel like everyone in the restaurant isn't over hearing our whole conversation.  Not that our conversations are that eavesdropper worthy, but in a quiet restaurant with my voice (the more animated I get the louder it becomes) people are going to hear me whether they like it or not.  Maybe it's just me that gets uncomfortable, since I haven't gotten the whole whispering in quiet restaurants thing down.  My whisper sounds like a normal person's voice.  I'm not normal.  I think we've established that already.

Let's just say that my friends have pointed out to me on numerous occasions that I am speaking quite loudly and the ladies and gentleman at the table over are laughing at whatever I might be saying.  Notice I did not say they are laughing at me, but in all honesty they most likely are.

The other night, my sister and I found ourselves in one of these restaurants.  It was an Indian place.  And it was delicious.  On this occasion, we didn't have much to talk about.  This is what happens when you work at the same place and live together.  It's a sad situation.

There we were just waiting silently for our food, when the guy at the next table opened his mouth.  You think my voice is loud.  It paled in comparison to this guy's pipes.  Naturally, we did what anyone in a quiet restaurant with nothing to say to each other and a guy talking very loudly right next to us would do.  We listened.  He reminded me of someone I'd met before.  I couldn't put my finger on who it was, but it was someone I had met briefly and who I had found annoying.  I remember that I had tried to get away from this particular person and now we were sitting in a restaurant practically forced to listen to someone who sounded exactly like him.  Wonderful.

They were on a first date.  This guy was killing it.  I was sitting at the next table over and I just wanted to tap him on the shoulder and say you can just stop talking now.  We've heard enough.  The girl he was with was digging him though.  I'm glad they found each other.  It gives all those awkward, obnoxious people some hope.  Are you pointing your finger at me?  Alright, point taken.

I did think to myself is this what others think of me when I'm talking in not so hushed tones in a quiet little restaurant?  Half annoyed half amused.  Maybe.  I am a believer in eavesdropping, not in a creepy way, but if someone is talking that loudly aren't they pretty much opening it up to everyone to listen to what they have to say?  It's just another form of people watching and we all love to do that.  You can learn some interesting things from these loud talkers.  Maybe uncomfortably quiet restaurants are not such a bad thing.  I had a pleasant evening.

 "I hope it works out for you two.  Have fun at the art exhibit," I said in passing.

 Nope, not creepy at all.

But still, I really need to work on that.  Can you hear me now?

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