Saturday, August 27, 2011

We Got Our Free Crappy Portrait!

Have you guys heard of the site Free Crappy Portraits?  It all stemmed from a couple friends who used to go down on a boardwalk in California and draw free crappy portraits for people.  They would ask people to tell them a few random facts about themselves and get to drawing.  Now they have a website where people can send in any photo and tell them a bit about themselves.  Then you wait to see how the artist interprets it into a free crappy portrait.

I love this, because you go in with the lowest expectations imaginable, since they aren't hiding the fact that they are the very best amateur artists.  I had a pencil drawing done on the street in NYC once when I was younger, my parents forced me to do it.  It was winter time.  The artist took forever.  You would think he could have sped it up, watching me shivering.  The end result was comical.  I looked like a Russian immigrant just come off the ship.  These guys really think they are capturing you.  Ugh.

Anyway, we sent in this portrait.  We said something like this.
This is my sister, Sydney and I. I'm the one with the turban. She's the cute one. We both love traveling. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia feels like our second home. We LOVE ice cream! Sydney likes to knit in the winter and she hates it when people call her Cindy. It's SYDNEY! I think foxes are cute, even though I've never seen one in the wild and I can't live without my iced coffee.
It's fun to see how the artist interpreted it and what they decided to use from the random things we said.  My ice cream scoop even has a turban on it.  Love it!!

From this

Get your work of art here!  Thanks, FCP!


oh.just.jess said...

haha OMG that's amazing! love it ;)

Kaycie said...

ahahaha! I just saw this pic on their website! I LOVE IT! Isn't this just the best website? I can't wait til we get ours!

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