Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Dance

She willed herself to breathe.  She only needed the one word.  Yes.  He looked at her and grabbed her hand as the word slipped off her tongue.  She hadn’t needed it after all.  The one that came up to her and asked her to dance knew her answer before the question was even spoken. 

He had a perfectly boyish grin as he pulled her into the dance.  She hadn’t danced but two times before.  Two times that had left her wanting.  She was at the cusp of losing hope of finding that one who could change things.  Make her feel like she belonged.

They danced.  She was surprised that this time was different.  He moved and she moved instinctually along.  For once, she wasn’t thinking of her gangly limbs getting in the way, because with him they didn't exist.  They got lost in the notes, as if the song picked them and they were the only ones who could hear it.  Those lithing notes that made her feel like a girl again. 

They didn’t need words.  Their eyes danced along with them.  She knew this was something more.  She didn’t know what it was, but in his eyes she saw he felt it too. 
With every passing note, she felt both elated and frightened, for every song has an end.  And with a grand flourish of strings their song too, left them as quickly as it came. 

Their dance, however, was far from over.  

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