Thursday, August 4, 2011

You Thought You Had Me.

And you did. 

If you have been to Target and clean your house on the regular, you have most likely seen the Method products they sell there.  They should be easy to spot for they are the only cleaning supplies that steer away from the traditional packaging that we have all come to know and loathe (reminds us of cleaning, am I right?).  Now I'm all for things looking pretty, but design in laundry detergents and all purpose cleaners?  Have we really gone there?  The problem is I'm buying it.  For all I know by looking down the cleaning supply aisle, any one of those might do the job just fine.  I'm not going to buy those though, because I want the one that looks different. 

Now after further examination, Method products are not only good for their pretty exterior (or however pretty a laundry detergent dispenser can be), they actually sell a good product.  Although, I haven't given every cleaning supply a chance, because come on now, cleaning is not my favorite thing to do and I'm not about to try every last brand to see which I like better.  I'm going with the cleaning supply that peaks my interest.  You are different, therefore we are kindred spirits or as much as one could be with their hand soap. 

It's not only cleaning supplies. There is this new egg shaped lip balm that barely fits in my purse, for small purses were not meant to carry such things as eggs.  It looks interesting and some friends said it was good stuff.  I got one.  It is kind of odd, but I like it because who wants those plain old chapsticks.  I'll take the egg and it's all natural.  Bonus!  

I've fallen prey to the new gum packaging.  It's square now?  I'll take one of those.  It didn't taste better or last longer than the regular kind, but the box was square.  So there's that. 

I'll stop there with the examples.  I've embarrassed myself enough.  Is it bad that I like the pretty, unique, or bizarre packaging those design teams and ad reps cleverly come up with?  When I stop and think about it, I get quite upset that these whippersnappers are feeding us unassuming need to be different types with their products.  We are like putty in their grubby money loving hands.  Sometimes I want to just grab all my unique, pretty things and throw them on the ground.  And yell, "I'm not a part of your system. Man!"  And get all Andy Sandberg on them.  Then proceed to go and buy one of each of the most drab looking things on the market just to prove my point. 

But the fact is, I won't do that.  I will still keep buying these things, because they make me happy.  If someone can make me enjoy buying cleaning supplies, they've done something their mom's should be proud of and to that I say, "Well played, my friends, well played." 

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