Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Ever Happened to Predictability??

I have more trip pictures.  I know you all just love looking at pictures of people that you don't know.  I know I do.  Here was our trip to San Francisco in a picture loaded post nutshell.

Day started off right w/ some Blue Bottle Lattes
Brunch at The Grove.  Aww brunch, my dear old friend! 
The painted ladies aka Full House house! 
Right after this picture we started singing the whole Full House theme song lead by my amazing friend Becky who remembered all the lyrics.  Hence my post title up there.  Come on, guys, who didn't love Full House!  Who knows the next line??  Rebecca, comment below!  
Palace of Fine Arts...
... where this happened!  That's right! 
Coit Tower
The Princess Diaries Fire House.  Always on the must see list.
Then for some reason we climbed this mountain!  Okay, it was more of a big hill.  It just felt like a mountain.  
After climbing the mountain, we thought we could take this on. 
Philz Coffee.  Best iced coffee EVER! I'm not kidding.  
And we ate a lot of good food and had a lot of ice cream too.  I don't have any pictures, because I was too busy devouring it to think about it.  Delicious!  Our friends were the best tour guides.  Thank you, Friends. for being our friends!

All the group shots here or the ones that actually look good were taken by our friend, The Photographer, Jonathan.  Check out his work here.


Rebecca said...

Something 'bout a milkman, a paperboy and evening TV. Then something to do with missing your old familiar friends (which I totally do!) (I mean you guys, of course). Then I think something's waiting just around the bend. Ninjas? Yes, I'm pretty sure it's ninjas.

Rachel said...

What great pictures.. looks like so much fun! And mmm ice cream..

Taylor said...

Ninjas would be predictable, naturally.

Anonymous said...

Hey, great post! ;)

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