Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'll Put Him In My Pocket

We were at Ulta the other day picking up some much needed drying lotion for those pesky things we like to call zits.  I get them.  My sister gets more of them (sorry, Syd). Everyone gets them.  Our friend in Portland was a wealth of information in the beauty department.  She told us about this David Badescu Drying Lotion for spot treatment.  I tried it last night on my third eye pimple, you know the one.  That stuff works.  The beauty guru also told us that Suave is now selling a dry shampoo.  Finally, I don't have to spend $15 bucks on a bottle just to have it break the next week.  True story.  Thank you, Suave, for being cheap and supporting my lazy habit of not doing my hair for days on end.

The point of all this isn't to share beauty products. As we were checking out, the girl behind the counter asked, "Would you like me to put him in a bag?"  Excuse me, did you say him?  Since when did drying lotion have a gender?  And if it does have a gender, then why him?  Why not her?  Would you like me to put her in a bag?  It's all very puzzling.  We didn't think to ask her these thought provoking questions.  I don't think we would have gotten a satisfactory answer.  Instead, we just laughed and put him in our pocket.

Now I'm all about personification, because that's all kinds of fun.  But I haven't really thought of them as having any specific gender, besides ships.  Those behemoths are girls, you know.  I've noticed most people name their car girl names or give them pet names.  With the exception of maybe a Mini Cooper which would be a guy with a proper British name like Harold, Charlie, or Horace.

If I started giving genders to things I think it would be a dangerous situation.  For example, if my dry lotion is a "him".  What if my cleanser was a "she".  When I washed my face, it'd be like they were making out on my face.  I'm not gonna think about it.

This post doesn't have any pictures.  You down with that?  She likes to mix it up.  She knows you'll understand.  See how I used "she" referring to my blog.  See how that was creepy.


Anonymous said...

So funny lol
Also Mario Badescu is awesome. I have used his stuff for years. Love the drying lotion.

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

Drying lotion? Intriguing....If only I wasn't banning myself from beauty products. Dang it! Also my car is a girl, Daisy. But all of my electronic gadgets are male.

Rebecca said...

Mario Badescu is my lover. Except not really, on account of I'm pretty sure he's dead. Try the Silver Powder next! It's magic. You guys don't really get blackheads, though, do you?
If I had a mini, I'd name him Bertram Wilberforce.

Lindsay said...
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