Thursday, July 21, 2011

Goodbye Portland!

Here are the last of our trip pictures.  I know you are happy about that.  Don't worry, I've got some more ranting coming your way with maybe a bit of nostalgia and a touch of sap {not from the tree, as in short for sappy}.  You would prefer pictures, huh?  I will pretend that my feelings aren't hurt, while I go eat some ice cream and cry in my room and have feelings of hurt.  Only not really.  

At The Mississippi Street Fair
I swear this trip was the trip of Brunch and Ice Cream, not put together.  We would have brunch, then eat a whole lot in between and end our evenings with Ice Cream.  My kind of trip.  

After brunching at Gravy where we had the biggest omelet stuffed with everything you could think to put in an omelet and smothered in, you guessed it, gravy, we walked along the Mississippi Street Fair.  Served to be a great place for people watching and observing how Portlanders do street fairs.  They do it well.  Within minutes of walking around, a girl came up to us asking to take our picture for her little street style blog, because as you know, we are "friends with style".  Her words, not mine.  =p  Then a few minutes later some middle aged man came up to us and said, "Okay, you girls. Picture."  And then walked away without telling us who he was or what he was going to use that picture for.  Pretty sure that is going up on some creepers wall.  Bleh!  Give us our picture back, Sir! 

The next day was hot for Portland and the local park was hopping.  They have a fountain where kids and big kids alike can get their feet wet.  

Oh and we had ice cream again.  What was I telling ya!  But check out that sky and those trees!  I miss you, Portland.  I really miss those pleasant chaps up there.  They're good people.  

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