Sunday, July 24, 2011

An Open Letter to My VW Beetle

Dear VW Beetle,

Now that our time together has now come to an end, I thought it appropriate to write you a letter as one last goodbye.  You see, you are special to me.  Other vehicles would come and go, but you were the one constant for over a decade. 

We'll always have those memories.  When I learned how to drive, you were there.  You forced me to learn how to drive on a manual five speed and made my driver's test that much more nerve wracking.  I will forever know how to drive a manual because of you.  That makes me cool, only compared to those who cannot drive a manual.  Sorry I kind of loved you and hated you because of it, but I only hated you in traffic and on really steep hills.

We've been through the good times and the bad. 
Good: Road trips. Joy rides with friends. Getting me anywhere. Comfortable seats that know my rear better than anyone.  Sorry future owners.  Just kidding.  Good air conditioning, until a year ago which would go into the bad category.  Encouraging violence by watching kids run and hit someone playing slug bug, or is that bad?
Bad: Two terrible vanity plates, before we realized vanity plates are really lame.  It took us a few years.  Sorry for the embarrassment that brought you, and me.  That time a deer ran into us and smashed the windshield and the whole side in.  That time I ran over a huge landscaping block and all your innards were spewed out onto the road.  One cupholder.  Multiple cups. 

Now our time has come to an end.  I can't help but think how much has happened over the last ten years.  Old friends and new friends have come and gone.  Several moves-one across country.  Graduations.  New jobs.  Everything in between.  Life.  Time has flown by and stood still, if that's possible. 

It was time. To say goodbye.


Bon Bon said...

OH my goodness. such memories! The little engine that could, all these years:-) xoxo

ladylyles said...

I need more information about these vanity plates immediately. Thanks!

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