Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Will Cut You.

While travelling, it's a given we will be eating out at all different kinds of establishments. Sometimes it lends itself to some interesting situations.  Let's discuss.
  • We order our food and are given a number.  They will bring it out when it is ready.  Girl walks out with our food.  Stands there with the food.  Does not say a word.  Does not hand us our food.  Just stands there.  "Is this our food?" Blank stare.  "Okay, thank you." Blank stare.  We take our food and she walks away.  Awkward.  I should've gotten paid for practically doing her job.  Kids these days!
  • We don't really like to complain if something minor is wrong with our food, but at The Yard House our pizza came out undercooked.  We picked up a slice and all the cheese fell off of it, because the whole thing was limp.  That's just not cool.  Sydney has such a nice way of complaining.  She said, "I don't know if this is how it's suppose to be, but it seems a little undercooked."  Aww, she's so nice.  Let me just say The Yard House had great customer service.  The manager came out after hearing that our pizza was undercooked and asked if we would like a snack while we wait, like some fries.  Syd asked him what snacks he had?  Well, fries.  Oh, I guess we will take the fries then.  Those fries were good.  And he took the pizza off the bill.  Sweet! 
  • The next day, we went to Panera Bread.  Their soup is yummy.  Just as soon as the guy put our soups down on the table, my dad practically yells, "There is a BIG hair in my soup!"  The waiter, of course, hears this, apologizing profusely, he takes the soup away.  My dad has no tact like Sydney.  But then we were thinking about it. If he used the same approach as Sydney, it would go something like this.  "I don't know if there is normally a hair in the soup, but could you take care of this?"  Yeah, doesn't work so much!  Ha  He has obviously been married to my mom too long.  At another restaurant, the waitress went to fill up her water and she yelled noooo and covered the glass.  The waitress jumped and was visibly shook up.  Oh, parents these days! 
And this one did not happen at a restaurant and it wasn't last weekend, but still in the whole train of thought with sales and customer service. 
  • I went with my dad to a foot insole place.  You walk-in, get a free consultation, and their amazing foot supports are suppose to cure all your foot woes.  The salesman was right away not cut out for the job.  He had no air of confidence.  He kept asking the other lady in there for help and stumbling over his words.  It wasn't pretty.  We weren't convinced in the product and when we went to check out my dad, for some reason, gave him his credit card before we found out it was 200 bucks for two pieces of plastic with no return policy.  Ridiculous.  We didn't want to buy them.  "You don't want to buy them?" the sniveling salesman asked.  His eyes darted back and forth, as he stepped back with a death grip on my dad's credit card.  That's when I realized he wasn't going to give it back.  Sweat started dripping down his face and he had this scared expression.  I had seriously never seen anything like this before.  My dad repeated how he didn't want to purchase anything at this time and he would have to think about it.  The guy just stared at us all shifty eyed and then he called to the lady in the back room, "Karen?!  This gentleman doesn't want to buy it."  He just stood there all pitiful, while Karen tried to make the sale.  He still hadn't given back the credit card and I wouldn't put it past him to swipe it when no one was looking.  Oopsie.  It was sitting there behind the counter.  I saw my window of opportunity and grabbed it.  That was our experience at Good Feet.  Couldn't they have come up with a better name.  Really?  My feet and I were not happy leaving that place and these feet will never be back. 
Did you read all that or did you stop reading at the first sentence up there?  If you stopped reading before getting to this point then you will be sorely disappointed you missed the link {I couldn't find it anywhere to embed.  Maybe too old?} to this video.  I felt like it applied somehow.  Don't interrupt.  Rude!

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