Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby, Baby, Baby, Ooh

This week was a little hectic, because this happened.

No, she's not mine.  Ha That reminds me of my grandpa and how he always used to give us good advice, such as don't get pregnant.  Okay, Grandpa, I'm like 12.  Moving on.

Meet Ayushma.  Pronounced I iss ma.  It's a really pretty name, don't you think?  Although, I'm sure everyone will have a hard time pronouncing it.  I just hope they don't start calling her a really plain cliche American name as she grows up.  Something like Mary or Elizabeth.  Oh please, no.  Isn't she precious?

Our deaf Nepalese friends had their baby this week.  We feel even closer to their family now.  My mom went into the operating room with her while she was having her c-section.  Chamuni wanted my mom in there with her.  Her husband was too shy to go.  That's what he told us.  So silly.  We were sitting waiting during the operation.  We didn't get home until 3am that morning.  Exhausting.  Numerous hospital visits later, they are all home safe and sound.

This picture is just too funny not to share.  My mom in the whole get up.  This reminds me of this time that we were commissioned to be part of testing a hospital's crisis readiness.  Should I tell this story?  Eh, why not?

We were all given cards on our level of health.  They were color coded and they explained the symptoms we were supposed to have.  Most of us were burn victims.  We pretended we had shortness of breathe among other things.  We rode in on an ambulance to the hospital and then the hospital attendants put us in wheelchairs escorting us to the proper areas depending on our cards.  This was all to test the hospital to see how prepared and organized they were in a crisis situation where many people would be bombarding the hospital at once.

My mom had a unique case.  I believe she was suppose to have schizophrenia and she also for some reason had to be quarantined.  My mom being the actress that she is, started pretending she was having hallucinations and seeing people.  She started screaming, "Don't touch me."  There was no one there.  The hospital attendants were scared, that's how good she was.  Pretty much awesome.

I always knew my mom was crazy.  Maybe the crazy came a little too easily to her.  Love ya, Mom!  So yeah, that was a pretty fun afternoon.  Ahh, memories.


Cydney said...

Precious! And Taylor, have I told you lately how I love your posts? True story. Keep 'em comin.

Taylor said...

Thanks, Cyd! You don't know how much this comment means to me! Thanks for the encouragement. P.S. Im kind of obsessed with your blog too!

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

Oh what a cutie! And your mom sounds hilarious!

Taylor said...

And I'm not normally a newborn fan. But she is too cute. Also, my mom is very entertaining. =)

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