Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Some Tuesday Loving

Tuesdays.  What are they good for?  Absolutely nothing.  
Nah.  Tuesday has treated us well.  
We were all off work and had nowhere to be.  
It turned into a bit of a spa day.

Hair cut.

Nails done.  Naked toenails creep me out.  Meaning no nail polish.  Had to take care of that little situation.  Also, we ran to Walgreens and picked up these new Sally Hansen's Salon Effects.  Sydney got to try it because she has a week before she joins me working regularly interpreting.  I didn't, since I'm back to work tomorrow.  What a waste to put them on just to take them off.  Sigh.  They turned out pretty cute, don't you think? 

Waxed - We like inflicting pain on ourselves and we don't like hair.

Starbucks came out with these new petit morsels of tastiness.  Above the Red Velvet Whoopie Pie.  Not bad for a buck and some change.  We also tried the Peanut Butter Chocolate Mini Cupcake.
Heads up on scoring these free, Thursday-Saturday afternoons this week from 2-5pm.  With a drink purchase.  Of course, they always get you with the fine print.  Oh I need to get a drink to get one of these free.  Really, if you just bought one of these without the spendy drink it would be cheaper.  If you're already buying the drink though, everyone likes a free little treat!  

Spa day with treats.  Tuesday's not so bad.


Lindsay said...

I once saw a shoe ad and the girl did not have nail polish on her toes. That's all I could focus on, not the cute shoes she was wearing!!! If you're going to wear open-toed shoes, at least paint the ones that will be showing! ;)

MandG's Mommy said...

I just got those Salon Effects last week. Then promptly broke 2 nails and now I have to wait to wear them. :( Sounds like you had a lovely day.

Taylor said...

Linds - Uh yeah. Eww gross.

Amber - They are pretty fun for a change. Boo on breaking 2 nails. How does that happen? Oh yeah, I keep mine really short at all times, so I don't have these problems. ;)

Cydney said...

CUTE nails, Syd! I think I need those. And the PB cupcakes, say what?

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