Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hammock Time

Today, I wished I had a hammock.  Wouldn't it have been the perfect 70 degree, breezy day to relax the afternoon away in a hammock.  Is there anything better?  I have such fond memories of hanging out in our hammock with my sister and friends giggling over our little girl talk.  That was the life! 
It kind of feels like another life altogether, now after moving across country and with all these new friends that didn't know us as those little girls.  We haven't kept in touch with most of the people that we used to know back then, due to growing up and growing apart.  Only a few stood the test of time and distance.  Hey, you know that you are loved.   And to all my new friends, here you might find out some things about that little girl and her love of hammocks among other silly things.



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This is a pretty accurate depiction of what our old hammock looked like swinging between two huge oak trees.

If you have a hammock, can I come over and hang?  
Wouldn't that be creepy if someone was just chilling in your hammock one day?
Hi.  How you doing?
That creeper might just be me. 


I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

I loved our hammock BUT it was hung between a maple and some other kind of tree that dropped prickly spikes onto the ground. I bet you had it good though because one of my favorite vacation memories is camping in Wisconsin and just spending hours one day relaxing in the hammock.

Lindsay said...

My cousin had one. I flipped out of it more than I layed in it.

Anonymous said...

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