Friday, March 11, 2011

Internet Lurker

Time for another travel story.  It's been awhile.  Like a week.  Not long enough for you?  Too bad.  You see, my life on a daily basis is pretty dull and uneventful.  I have to resort to travel stories, because they are entertaining.  Not just my travel stories, but all travel stories.  If you've got any good ones.  Tales of the strange or just plain psychotic.  Do share.  I need something to entertain me since Thursday night television has been on hiatus for two weeks.  I don't know what to do with myself!

Story time.  Makes me think of library story times.  Everyone scoot in on the floor crossed legged.  There will not be any cut out paper props or talking puppet animals.  Sorry to disappoint.

We were in the Bangkok, Thailand airport waiting to catch our flight back to Malaysia.

When we were in Asia, we were without access of the interwebs.  It wasn't too bad because over there. there are wifi hotspots in most areas.  Normally we had our laptop or ipod touch with us and could just hook up to the wifi, download emails, and be on our merry way in a few minutes.

In Thailand, we didn't bring our laptop and I forgot the ipod touch at home.  That was a brief sad moment, because I mean, come on, we were going to Thailand.  We could live without the ipod.  On the island, Koh Samui, we tried to find an internet cafe near our bungalow.  We walked down the road for awhile and came upon one.  After emailing family to say we were still alive and well, we went to pay our dues and realized we didn't have any money.  I do not know how this happened.  So we tried our best to ask in gestures where the nearest atm was.  It seemed to be down the road.  I said I would stay there until Sydney and our friend went and got the money to pay them.  They started walking and it was far, all the way around the bend until I couldn't see them anymore.  That's when I felt the money in my pocket.  Yes.  That's right.

This is what happens when you don't have cell phones.  They walked twice as far and I waited twice as long as necessary.  While I was waiting there, the owners baby was brought out from next door.  Adorable.  I started making silly faces as any normal person does when a baby is present.  By the time, Syd and Alayna came back.  I had my shoes off, holding the baby, and they said I pretty much looked like I was part of their family.  Ha.  Ahh, Thailand.

This baby was found in another internet spot.  The mother just left her sleeping there with us surfing the web.  I don't know where the mother went.  She was gone for a long time.  Maybe she went and got a Thai massage.  Ooh customers = babysitters.  

Back to the airport.  We were using the computers with free wifi available at the terminal.  Seriously, why don't any of our airports have this kind of set up?  We were replying to some pretty personal emails.  This guy comes up and stands behind Alayna.  He was looking over her shoulder.

"You spelled Saturday wrong," He said to her.

We all kind of looked at each other in disbelief.  I mean if you are going to read someone's personal emails and be a total creeper, normally you try to be somewhat incognito, right?  Not this guy.  He just straight out got all spell check on her.

She gave him a dirty look and he kind of walked away for about two minutes.

"I told you, you spelled Saturday wrong."  This guy would not give up and did he think it was totally normal to be correcting someone on an email that was not meant for him to be reading in the first place?

So she started typing.  Stop reading my email, you freak!  He jumped back appalled that someone would think he was a creep for just trying to be her personal middle aged spellchecker.  Ok, that didn't happen.  But wouldn't that have been pretty great if it did?  We always think of better responses after the fact, but our personal space was feeling violated right then so our mind was on other things.

In actuality, she just glared at him and exclaimed, "I know I spelled Saturday wrong!  Were you seriously reading over my shoulder just now?"

He stepped back mumbling something about how this is an open space.

And we've been laughing at his expense ever since.

The End.

Who am I kidding?  This is not nearly as funny as The Office.  I tried.  Gotta give me that.


Cydney said...

HAHAHAH...Now that is a good travel story. Thank you, I needed an awkward funny story since I, too, am having Office withdrawals.

MandG's Mommy said...

Hilarious! :)

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