Monday, March 7, 2011

Travelogues in Pictures

I love this video.  4,000 pictures in 2 minutes.  Exquisite sensory overload.  Morocco and Spain are definitely on my wanderlust list!   

Can you imagine doing something like walking across China?  We should all take at least one life changing trip in our lifetime.  I think this is pretty great.  I love how the people come and go.  Isn't it precious how sad he is when the girl leaves?  Poor scraggly bearded guy!

Also, if you have an iPhone or Droid and don't have Words for Friends.  Get it!  If you already have it, let's play.  I'm Taylor.ash.  Is it sad that we were all sitting in the same room playing multiple games with each other.  We should have just brought out the actual Scrabble board.  How retro!  Ha. 
I might have a small addiction.
It started yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Hi Taylor.
Love your blog. :)
As soon as I can remember where my phone is, I am checking out this Words for Friends that you speak of.


Taylor said...

Hey Jules! Thanks. Hope you find your phone so we can play. Ha. And thanks for sharing your pizza place. ;) New York pizza is the best!

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