Friday, February 11, 2011

Shutting Up Now

Take it from me.  It's better to keep quiet about plans until they are certain to happen.  I thought a number of things would happen last year and they didn't.  It's okay, because we are keeping busy here in the meantime.  This has been a year of uncertainty and it's my fault for getting too excited over the possibilities of change and talking a little too much about it to a few too many people.  Here's what some of my conversations of late have been like.

Friend: You're still here?

Me: Yup, still here.

Friend: I thought you were going there!

Me: Well, umm, *enter me rambling about a couple of the reasons why things didn't work out, because I give way too many details and can't give vague, straight forward answers for the life of me.  Someone please help me!*

Friend: Ok, well, see ya later!  

If we've had this conversation, I am so very sorry!  

Here is me not talking about future plans anymore.  I'm not saying I don't have something brewin', but you won't be hearing from me about it.  Hey, I'm just doing us all a favor in saving us from having these painfully awkward conversations in the future.  


Lindsay said...

I'm never surprised to see you still here. Hehehehe ;)

Taylor said...

You don't count. =p

Lindsay said...

Story of my life!

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