Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friend or Foe?

An exciting surprise is getting Netflix in the mail.  You never know what you might get.  Now you are thinking, but you pick the movies yourself and add them to the list, how is that at all surprising or exciting? We aren't on Netflix personally editing that list everyday making sure we get the newest releases.  Oh no.  We might go on there load up on a few random movies, foreign films, cartoons, etc.  Who knows in what order or even what that movie was about after you hit add to queue it is immediately forgotten.  Hence, the exciting surprise when this mystery movie comes in the mail.

Such was the case with the Japanese foreign film we got this week.  I had high hopes as I always do with foreign films.  Some days I'm all for the slow drama that is the foreign film, but this one blew all the rest out of the water.  If you are not a fan of awkward silence, run far away from this movie.  Do you like watching someone pour a glass of water and drink it very slowly?  You might enjoy Tokyo Sonata.  

Then there is the added "I have to read?" element.  Closed captioning is our family's friend.  We have to have it on.  If there is no closed captioning, I might go slightly crazy for the first few minutes.  Where are the words???  The words??  Okay, I'm better now.  You either love them or hate them.  Those who hate closed captioning, here is a question for you.  I want an honest answer.  Can you always understand what everyone is saying, really?  I have a hard time believing that you do.


For example, we had some friends over and they were anti closed captioning.  We were going to watch a movie.  As the amazing hosts that we are, we conceded to turning off the closed captioning just for them.  Just this once.  Halfway through the movie, it happens.  The actor is mumbling.  

CC Hater: What did he say?? 

CC Lover: I don't know.  We would know if the CC were on!

CC Hater: Play it back.  Let's try it again.  (Believing their super hearing would be able to decipher what's being said without the aid of closed captioning.)

CC Lover: Sure.  (Humoring them knowing full well their poor excuse of hearing is going to fail them.  The actor is clearly incomprehensible.  Who hires these people anyways?)

CC Hater: *strains to hear once again* *bows head in utter defeat*  Turn on the closed captioning.

CC Lover: *switches to closed captioning* *rewind* Ahh, to understand again!  Those glorious words! 

That is how closed captioning always wins in the end.  I didn't hear that car honk or dog bark, but the words say it is so and so it must be.  If you hate closed captioning, state your case... now go!  But we might not be friends after this.  

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I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

Taylor! I LOVE closed captioning! And so many people don't. It makes me SO sad. okay back to searching for Russian speaking people on line. Pretend I was never here.......

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