Monday, February 14, 2011

A Tall Tale

Things silly people say to tall people:

Someone says, "You are tall!" To which I say, "You are short!"  What? I thought we were just stating the obvious.

Random Stranger comes up to me. "You must play basketball/volleyball."  I would appreciate you taking those tall people stereotypes elsewhere.  "Do I look like I play basketball?" You do not want to see me on a court  I do have a number of other very interesting talents.  Don't want to talk about that?  Okay, bye bye!

When I occasionally talk about how it's not so great to be tall sometimes, people will say, "Models are tall." And that helps me how?

Tall guy who married a girl a foot shorter than him says, "Short girls are so cute!"  I know.  Us tall girls will never be cute like you shorter girls.  Where does that leave us?  Good for getting things off the top shelf and basketball apparently. 

My sister and I heard this a lot while we were growing up. "You guys are getting so big."  My mom would reply, "I know, aren't they huge!"  Thanks, Mom. 

That is just to name a few.

It's not easy being tall!  It can get kind of cramped.  Especially when it comes to leg room.  Many things are not designed with tall people in mind.

You know you're tall when you stand up in a bathroom stall and can see yourself over the stall door in the mirror and the girl primping by the sink.  Oh, hi there!  Not awkward at all.

Sometimes I wonder what it is like to look up to more than a handful of people.  To not have to try to find long pants that are still not long enough, only to have them shrink in the first wash.  You know all those cute dresses and skirts out there in the shops?  They are all just a couple inches too short.  Forget about sleeves being long enough.  Oh to be 5'7"!

Don't get me wrong.  I love being tall!  I wear heels still and everything.  There are some perks.  You can easily see in crowds to find people or easily be found.  You can get places fast.  Or at least we do.  Our legs are long.  We are not running.  That's just our natural stride.  If you gain a few pounds or 10 or 15, no one notices except you and your pile of clothes that no longer fit.  Not that that is the case for me, but you will never know because I'm tall!  Ha Ha. 

There you have it! For all you short people wishing you were tall, it's not as great as you might think.  It's not so bad either. 


Cydney said...

A very well written piece on being tall, methinks. I especially liked the last line. Wanna hear something funny? People who refer to ME as tall. I'm not quite 5'5". Isn't that a riot? It happens more than you'd imagine.

I think you look lovely so tall. And did that really happen in the bathroom stall? Awesome.

Taylor said...

Thanks, Cyd. See, with heels you are probably my height. If I'm wearing heels, it gets ridiculous. jk

And do you think I could make this stuff up? =)

Red Rose said...

Yes, in bathroom stalls, it happens to me ALL the time.

I despise short people! :/

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

I hang out with really tall people and so at 5'4" am considered short. But my mom and two of my sister are all almost 6 feet. They all have complexes about wearing heels. I wish they were like you and just wore them proudly.

Taylor said...

Rose - You crack me up! Love it!
Meg - Tall people are cool to hang out with and heels are too pretty not to wear. But I am so happy flats are have been in style and not going away anytime soon.

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