Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Weekend of Lolloping

 Every two months or so, there is a weekend when there is actually a few things to do in Tucson or a number of plans.  Most days, we stay at home knitting and watching Netflix with our parents.  Sad, I know. =)  Most of our friends do not live here or have moved away.  You know who you are.  Until that one weekend comes along.  Let me share what I learned from this weekend. 

1. People of the elderly variety should not go to indie concerts.  We went with some friends to see The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger at Club Congress.  There were surprisingly quite a number of our gray headed friends.  They probably came out just because it's John Lennon's son and they wanted to hear him play a few covers.  It was requested, but appropriately denied.  As we were waiting for the opening act to begin, a lady came up to Syd like they were old friends and said, "Now that we are in here, what do we do now?"  As another lady was exclaiming, "It's standing room only!"  Not to mention, the elderly couple enjoying themselves a little bit too much with some major public displays of affection.  Awkward!  Concerts.  Another great people watching opportunity.  So entertaining.  

Listen to this. Now. 


2.  I learned a new word.  I signed up for's word a day emails.  As an interpreter and as a person, it's always important to continue to increase your vocabulary.  The only problem is that sends out the most random words that you will never ever use.  Let today's word be an example for you.

 lollop \LOL-uhp\, verb:
1. To move forward with a bounding, drooping motion. 
2. To hang loosely; droop; dangle.

Okay, if someone can demonstrate that first definition for me, you will be my hero.  I'm pretty sure it would be quite amusing.  Why don't we all start using lollop in everyday conversation?  I dare you.  

3.  If it's Western, I'm not going to like it.  Okay, this isn't anything new.  My grandma invited us to Gaslight Theater tonight.  My grandma has more of a social life than we do.  It's funny.  Not that I didn't like it, but it wasn't near as funny as the shows I've seen there in the past.  I believe it had something to do with my innate dislike for western themed shows, music, style, etc.  I'm pretty open to trying new things.  I even went to the Rodeo one year with some cowboy friends.  I've tried to like it, but it's just not happening folks.  Although, it just seems to follow me wherever I go.  We were going to the Symphony in Malaysia.  Guess what?  It was western themed music.  The whole night.  Western.  Music.  We were in Asia and we couldn't escape from it.  

That's all for now.  I learned a lot.  Right? 


Rebecca said...

As soon as I saw your post title, I was like, "Hey, that was's word of the day!" There's a guy here who TOTALLY lollops. Everywhere he goes. Arms dangling and bouncing at his side, palms facing backwards, his torso a full five inches ahead of his legs. Full-on muppet style.

(Also, that word made me think of "vicious trollop." YOU know what I'm talking about.)

Taylor said...

Ha ha I had a feeling you would comment on this one! LOVE! Lollop is probably a good description of how I look running come to think of it. =p

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