Monday, January 24, 2011

The One With the Missed Opportunity

Watch this sweet little video. 

If only we could all just seize the moment and tell each other how we really feel in love and in life.  I wonder how many times this actually happens?  This love story that never was.  Fear and insecurities always seem to win in the end, but they don't have to. 

There is something to be said about writing.  You hit send and you can't go back.  You don't know where it will go or who will see it.  Remember that little something called the letter?  There was no backspace.  If you made a mistake or didn't like how it sounded you would have to throw the whole thing away and start from scratch!  Imagine all the paper! Oh, the poor little trees.  (Do you rip up your scrap paper or bunch it up in a ball?  I'm a crumple it up in a ball kind of gal.  That way I can use it to throw at someone or something.  Entertained in the little things and also very resourceful, dont you think?)  Isn't there something grand about a letter?  Getting a letter in the mail is probably the best gift anyone could give, like a precious artifact.  That is, if it's a good letter.  On the other hand, have you ever sent a letter that you regret?  Maybe a few biting words that will continue to be read over and over.  Makes you think, not to get all serious on you or anything.  Good thing, I have a nifty little edit button for this blog.  Phew. 

So lesson learned.  Be bold!  Oh, and don't send super vague text messages.  That's not cool. 


Rebecca said...

I was reading the comments on this video and someone said, "I liked the part where they typed something, then deleted it." I'm not sure why, but that made me laugh for, like, 10 minutes.

Also, I'm a paper crumpler too. Unless it's sensitive and confidential information, in which case I eat it.

Last weekend was chill, btw.

Taylor said...

Bahaha, what a nerd! But don't worry you're still presh.

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