Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dirty Heads Unite

Recently, I have been obsessed with ombre hair.  I love that it is subtle and very natural, but not boring in the least.  Also, you wouldn't have to go into the salon to get the color touched up very often since that's kind of the whole idea.  I kept seeing it all over and decided to try it myself. I'll show you the pictures I brought in as inspiration. 

My grandma asked what color I was going to get done.  I showed her this picture. 
"That's pretty sexy!" she said.  Yes, probably because this is a gorgeous supermodel with a plunging neckline. Oh, Grandma! ; )

I totally have a girl crush on Mila Kunis here.  Isn't her hair perfection?

I don't know what word I would use to describe this.  Not sexy, that's for sure!  Yeah! 
{Thanks, Rose!}

Now it's taken years to finally get a grasp of how to do my hair so it doesn't look like a complete choo choo wreck.  I'll share some tips that have helped me for the fellow hair challenged friends out there.  I stumbled upon this amazing hairdresser's blog based out of NYC.  She has tutorials set to sweet music.  Check it out!  The great thing about this style is it looks even better after three or four days.  That's right.  I throw my hair up in a loose bun overnight.  The next day I just pop in the music, do a little dance, and head out the door.  Fabulous! My hair isn't super greasy to begin with and so after a couple days I can just spray a little dry shampoo on the roots.  I'm converted!  It's good to avoid stripping your hair of all those good ol' natural oils, don'tcha know.  Happy hair!


Cydney said...

Ooh, I likey! Also your Grandma. That comment of her's was awesome. :)

Jaymi Shiane Barnes said...

Nice Taylor! I love ombre hair too! My hair is sorta that way right now, but not on purpose, and not at all cute like yours! Growing out haircolor stinks.

Taylor said...

Thanks, ladies! My grandma is awesome. haha And Jaymi, your hair looks super cute. I didn't even notice your roots!

Rebecca said...

i thought you should know when Jason saw your picture, he said, "AWWW! Adorable!"
Also, he has a BOY crush on Mila. Isn't she so underrated??

Taylor said...

Aww, tank tu! And yeah, I kind of hate her, but not really cause she's too pretty. Doh!

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