Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hi!  I had some time today to go out and take a few pictures.  I wanted to show you all some of our latest projects.  Growing up, my mom taught us how to knit.  She is super crafty and taught us all we know in our amateur crafty ways.  She also taught us how to spin our own wool to make our own yarn.  Yeah, we grew up in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and we were home schooled.  It's kind of cool in a way though, right?  Yes, when you can make cute scarves like this one.  That one.  Right up there! I made that.  I'm just slightly proud of myself, because for one I had never knit cables before and that I even finished is pretty exciting.  I get distracted easily and when I was younger would start a lot of projects but never finish.  I guess I've learned some patience at this ripe old age, emphasis on some.  

I think my shirt says "See the Joy" in French.  That's cool.
If I wore a shirt that said "See the Joy" in English.  That would be lame. 
Funny how that works!

Now while I was knitting my little scarfy up there, my sister knit a skirt!  Now are you aware of how much yarn goes for nowadays?  Goodness Gracious, it's a racket!  So in order to save some bucks, she went to the thrift store and bought a red sweater.  It looked something like this.  

She unraveled all of that red yarn, wound it into skeins, and knit, knit, knit.  Until that turned into this!!

Syd, you are a knitting rockstar. 
Seems somewhat wrong to see knitting and rockstar in the same sentence, but I'm just stating the facts of the matter. 


Alayna said...

Awesome skirt syd! And tay I love the scarf and the pics look awesome, like a model in an editorial spread :)

Taylor said...

I don't know if I would go that far, but I do kind of like them. We took quite a few and these were the only couple that were decent! =)

Omara said...

I was just gonna call you a knitting rockstar!! U are! Wow! I'm totally impressed! Love this!....and Taylor?? Very cute pics :)

Jono said...

Hm. Make one for a guy and you have an order!

Sydney said...

Thanks for the compliments guys! It was great saving all the cash by unraveling that plain thrift-ed sweater, but oh my what a mess it was! I think it was worth it though, right?

Cydney said...

Lord have mercy, you guys are my heros! Are you kidding me with this? "She unraveled a sweater to knit this skirt". I needed to grow up in the middle of Wisconsin.
I've been planning on taking a knitting class recently. This pretty much sealed the deal for me. :)

Taylor said...

Do it!! We could teach you if our schedule would ever match up! =p Imagine what you could make for your adorable Paisley? Aww the options are endless!!

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