Monday, January 17, 2011

I've Got Mad Chopstick Skills

We tried a new Vietnamese restaurant today.  My mouth was watering for some Bun (pronounced boohn).  The minute I walked into the restaurant I knew I was going to be disappointed.  I was right.  You want to know how I knew?  I'm sure you do! 

I walked into the restaurant and did not see a single Asian person.  Am I the only one who when going to any ethnic restaurant takes comfort in seeing hostess and waiters of that ethnicity working there?  The best is if the restaurant is packed and you are the only non *enter whichever ethnicity here* customer there.  You know it's going to be good!  The more stares as you walk into the restaurant the better.  Seeing all white people in an ethnic restaurant bums me out and makes me automatically discredit the authenticity of the food.  If the restaurant is decorated very modern or decorated at all for the comfort of Americans, you will probably end up paying for it.  The one Thai place we go to in town has cut outs of what looks to be old Thai fashion magazines under the glass.  Fancy! 

And always use chopsticks.  It tastes better that way!  I like to see the expression of shock when they see we can actually handle our chopsticks without looking like fools.  Yes, I did just pick up that tiny speck of rice with my chopsticks.  What what!  Applause is in order. 

Our bun looked sad and pathetic compared to this deliciousness!

What's your favorite unusual meal? 

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