Sunday, January 16, 2011

Madewell For Me, Please

 Okay, I know you all might have seen these pictures before, but I am still obsessed.  If only I could have all these outfits and wear them exactly like this.  Except I wouldn't stand there holding a ginormous flag, yeah I'm thinking not. I would make the dresses about five inches longer.  Perfect!  I love the styling.  The slightly messy hair is great.  They look like they couldn't care less if there are a few hairs out of place.  Imperfection is oh so pretty.  Don't even get me started on the glasses!  

Too bad Madewell is a little spendy.

Here are a few shots from the Spring line, which are equally drool worthy.  The glasses are back, too!  

I love all the menswear inspired pieces.  Now I wouldn't buy all of this, or would I? 

It's fun to use these photos as inspiration, dig into your own closet, mix and match and make it your own.  You can often times find something similar at a thrift store or Target with a more reasonable price tag.  Hip Hip Hooray for Target!  Now you better have known to say it like the French would (even though I couldn't figure out how to put in the special character, someone help me please) because everything sounds better in French.  Plus, it would be all cool and rhyme and stuff.  Yeah.


ladydazy said...

I'm drooling over this lovely items.

Oh and yes i'd rather learn French over Spanish. :)

ladydazy said...


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