Friday, January 7, 2011

Hey I know, let's call it Cup Cakes!

You know what you need at the end of another mediocre day of monotony?  Frozen Custard.  What?  Did you think I was going to say cupcakes?  Frozen custard is what we would normally have if we were not in this certain ho-hum town in the southwest where there are no custard shoppes to be found.  If you have not had frozen custard, you are missing out.  There will be a post about this to come, but not now, not yet.  Cupcakes will have to do!  

The other day we needed that little something something to cheer us up.  Cupcakes are happy times.  What was that new cupcake place called?  Beep boop beep *googling* Oh that's right, Cup Cakes.  You named it Cup Cakes and we still couldn't remember what that cupcakes place was called.  Nice.  

Google directed me to another blog, Tucson on the Cheap.  They had worked out a deal with Cup Cakes.  On Mondays mention Tucson on the Cheap and they will give you buy one get one free.  It was Monday. 

Almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

We tried Les Deux and Hollywood.  Les Deux is a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting.    Hollywood is their red velvet cupcake.  Skip Hollywood, get Les Deux.  For red velvet, go to The Red Velvet Cupcake Factory.  These people really need to look into a creative name director.  Yes, I have tried all the cupcake places in town.  Don't judge.  And if you are in California, go to Sprinkles.  Heading to New York?  Buttercup, don't be a sell out and go to Magnolia's.  I don't go more than every few months, I swear!  If I did, it wouldn't be special anymore now would it. 

Frozen custard on the other hand... 


Rebecca said...

Is Buttercup the name of the cupcake place or are you CALLING me Buttercup?
Either way, I'm down.

Taylor said...

Oops. Maybe I should've put a period there. It's the name of the place, but I kinda like it. I shall call you Princess Buttercup! Ha

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