Thursday, January 6, 2011

And So It Begins

I never was good at introductions.  I'm going to talk about balloons instead.  Okay?  You don't have to understand it, but you will love it, you really will.  Let's go back to when we were kids, when getting a balloon was the most exciting event of the day or week even.  Helium filled balloons were hours of fun and when the helium started to fade the fun just continued.  You could play for hours trying not to let the balloon hit the ground.  Of course, we must never forget the silliness that inevitably ensued from inhaling the helium.  So simple, yet delightful! 

Balloons have gotten a bad rep which saddens me.  They are usually used as tacky, cliche party decorations seen in bunches taped to tables and random spots in the room or marking where the party is, outside tied around the mailbox.  Hmm, nice balloon archway. Time to go. 

Balloons are also associated with clowns.  Now I've never been scared of clowns, but why do they seem to always have to be all up in your personal space.  Rude.  Kinda like the guys in cartoon costumes at amusement parks.  Back off, Buddy. 

But wait, all hope is not lost for balloons and their loveliness.  
Now an ode to the grown-up's balloon.

I'm mesmerized.  This party would have to be amazing.

 {via Oh Joy}
             Picnic that dreams are made of.

I love this. Balloons instead of flowers. {via Jubilee Events}

Hooray for balloons! Ok, bye bye. 


Cydney said...

OH, do I love a large balloon! I've found somewhere to buy such whimsy-now I just need a function worthy of it! Those last two pictures are dreamy. Good post, Taylor! And welcome to the happy world of blogging. :)

Taylor said...

I know! We must create a function and have our large balloon fix!

Rebecca said...

This post reminded me of this:

These balloons actually ARE elegant! I love the big round peach one.

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