Monday, June 13, 2011

Sunday At Venice Beach

I don't have much to write about today.  It was a beautiful weekend.  Nothing entirely funny or annoying happened for me to frantically type and tell all of you.  It was all around a great time in California.  Just what we needed.  Break from the monotony of what I call life.  And so on and so forth.

I'd never been to Venice Beach before and I have decided I like it a lot.  The beach was clean.  Even though, it was about 60 degrees and cloudy, we still thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!  If we are that close to a beach, we cannot not go, right?

Then after we had walked really far, we walked back along the little shops and street performers for a little bit of my favorite pastime, people watching.  There were a lot of interesting people.  Including some guys selling their CD's who went up to my mom and said, "What?!  You don't like black people music?"  Ha  So funny!  Which might technically be true, since she's not one for the hippity hoppity music, but really, Dude, pulling the race card is not going to help you make the sale.  There was also a guy causing quite a spectacle by jumping on a bed of broken glass bottles.  Eep! It was entertaining. 

Then we went to Danny's Deli and ate fish and chips!  Mmm, so good!  And had this guy staring at us the whole time.  I like your 'stache! Ha

On our way home, we went to Sprinkles cupcakes.  It was actually entirely not on our way home, but for cupcakes I would go an hour out of my way.  Okay, we are crazy.  We didn't know it would be quite so far.  But, oh boy, was it worth it!  

And I played Hanging with Friends on my iPhone all the way home.  It might be my new addiction of the week.  It's like Hangman with a twist.  Get it and play with me.  Scn: Tayor.ash 

How was your weekend???

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Cat said...

Sigh ... beach time is the best {even if it is a bit cold :)} ... glad you had fun this weekend!

❤ Cat brideblu

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