Tuesday, June 7, 2011


A little list from Ilana from See Me Everywhere.  Her blog is one of my favorite daily reads.  She discovers the cutest things and she's from New Zealand.  I seriously need to go there soon.  I think I would like it there.  ; )  She asked her readers to join in and I thought it was a cute idea.  So here it goes... 

One of Ilana's finds.  I need this!  So adorable.

Lately I am...
 Reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery.
 Listening to the ceiling fan and the washing machine.  They do not make sweet sweet music. Let me tell you.  Although, the sound of soon to be clean clothes is music to my ears.  Oh, I think this means actual musicians I've been listening to.  In that case, Broken Bells, Florence and the Machine, She and Him, Regina Spektor, Belle & Sebastian, and Bieber.  Only not that last one. 
 Watching Psych!  Season Five came out just in time for the summer dead zone of re-runs.  Watch it.  You will laugh.  Also, random movies from my childhood on Netflix.  Ever After anyone??  Eh?  I love it.  
 Drinking Chai Latte with a shot of espresso.  It is oh so good! 
 Eating Frozen Yogurt.  It's the perfect hot summer treat! 
 Trying to figure out what this year will bring.  Should I stay or should I go now?  I'm having a slight mid-life crisis twenty years too soon.  I'm about to go out and get my little sports car.  Somebody stop me.  
 Saving for a big trip to an exotic land.  Hopefully.  I miss everything about being in a foreign country.  It's been too long.
 Wanting a day at the beach.  California, here I come.
 Wishing I was somewhere green to enjoy a nice summer picnic in the grass and after a bike ride.  There is no green grass here.  If you can find a patch of grass, it has died because it is like death out there.  Nothing can survive long in that heat, including myself.  This might just be my last blog post.  If you don't hear from me, would you be so kind as to look for my body fried out on the sidewalk.  Thank you kindly. 
 Loving my new retro one-piece swimsuit.  
 Enjoying the endless possibilities.
 Looking forward to our summer trip to San Francisco and Portland.  Hurry up, July! 


Penny said...

i love chai latte- and have never tried to put coffee in it, now that's an idea!thanx :)
ps) for the 30 for 30 i think you can still participate as there are no rules this time, for sure you can not take pictures of them!

See Me Everywhere said...

How lovely! Thanks so much for your kind words! YES come to NZ! It's amazing and I absolutely looooooove it :)

Yay another chai drinker, I like!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

dang, i misread "our summer trip to san fran and poland". i was about to comment, "omg! i'm in poland all the time! how cool!"....whoops.

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