Thursday, June 2, 2011

It Was A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day.  Sydney and I took off the morning and went to this little French cafe for a quiche.  There is something about eating breakfast out that is so luxurious and relaxing.  For all of you who eat breakfast out on the daily without rushing to and fro, then it might be commonplace for you.  Not so for me.  That quiche was a good start to the day.

Pretty wall in the cafe.  I tried pretending I actually was in France.   I would like to go to there.

Bread with butter and jam too!  So yummy.

Even though, it was stinkin' hot out, I didn't complain.  The temperatures went up to 103 degrees.  I must have been having a pretty decent time, because normally just stepping outside in those temps brings on a string of complaints.

I think I was just enjoying my summer ensemble which consisted of these lovely staples.  I just bought that straw fedora from H&M and if you can only buy one thing this summer, buy that hat.  It's an instant outfit enhancer and so adorable.  

Sydney scored two amazing skirts at Goodwill for only $5 each.  I die of the cuteness that are her two new skirts.  Then I went over to Buffalo Exchange and got this vintage polka dot dress and silk scarf for next to nothing with trade and got offered a job.  It was flattering to be asked to work there.  My style has come a long way in the last few years.  It was the hat, People!  Get it!  Also, I can't tell you how excited I am to find another dress.  Being an amazon and all, it's near impossible to find dresses long enough.  I have more dresses now than I ever have before and they all were found at Buffalo Exchange.  Yay!  

Then I went to Bookman's and the guy at the register said I looked all summery and to keep spreading my vibe.  I don't know what my vibe is, but I guess I will keep spreading it.  Why was everyone so happy yesterday with it being butt ugly hot outside and all?  

Clothes and books!  Is there anything better?  I think not. 
Maybe I shouldn't take days off, when all there is to do on days off are go shopping.  But, I did get all of the above in trade.  Not bad, huh?  So yeah, yesterday was a good day.  How was yours?


Lindsay said...

Where is that cafe??

Taylor said...

Le Buzz. It's all the way out by Catalina hwy. But I wanna try french cafe called ghinis more midtown.

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