Tuesday, June 21, 2011

French Macarons = Epic Fail

Here's a little recipe for a fun afternoon ~

Step one ~ Push play on this video.

Wait for it.  Wait for it... Now we are in business.  Don't you feel like baking some French Macarons?  I know, I did.  And yes, we really did play the Ratatouille Soundtrack while baking this afternoon.  We are nerds.  But I love this song, so there's that.

We followed this recipe.  Her macarons turned out lovely, so for fun we thought we'd give it a try.  Syd and I both had the day off and were in the mood for some baking.  

Looking good

And then this is where it all went terribly wrong.  I don't know what we did.  After following the instructions, they still weren't cooked.  

So we cooked them longer.  

Then a little longer.  

Half of them crumbled in the process of trying to figure out if they were, in fact, cooked.  

This is what we got out of our batch.  

Six sad looking macarons

And then this happened...

I had to lick this out of my hand.  It tasted good, but wasn't pretty.
These others are on the verge of having breakdowns at the slightest touch.  Here, have a macaron!  If you try to pick it up, it will fall to pieces.  Try to eat one off the plate and pass it around.  Only gonna invite close friends over for that one.  Epic fail! Womp womp womp.

Eh well, we had fun. 


Sarah said...

Some of my best cooking adventures are the ones that turned out like a disaster. At least they are a great color and look tasty.

Brenna [fabuleuxdestin] said...

It doesn't matter what they look like - I'm sure they taste amazing! plus they're a pretty blue color!

lady lyles said...

hahahaha.. aw. man.

i admire you for posting this. i think this is what a LOT of peoples macarons look like. we should probably form a support group.

Taylor said...

Haha thanks for the kind words. You guys are my French macaron failure support group. Now excuse me while I go show those French macarons who's boss! They do taste pretty good. ;)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

I've always heard macarons are super tricky, so this isn't that bad really;) And they tasted good, that's most important!

Love that song too;)

MissRockwell said...

Awww man!

Okay please don't take this the wrong way...I'm sooo sorry that your 'macaron like' thingys didn't turn out pretty but you had me DYING laughing looking at you pictures of this experience. You hear me. I'm immediately hitting the follow button once I post this comment. You are so entertaining! Loves it!


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