Thursday, April 28, 2011

Model Behavior

Yesterday, I helped a friend out by modeling her clothes for her Etsy shop.  I think they turned out pretty good for a couple quick shots with her point and shoot camera in my front yard.  Although, no amount of America's Next Top Model watching will help me with my awkwardness.  I never know what to do with my monkey arms.  Hand on the hip is always a good option, but that can get old fast. 

Upcycled striped sheath dress with glitter dot bow and rosette
Awkward Posing 101
Leave gangly arms hanging dead by your side.
That's how we do it!
Seriously, could my arms get any longer?  Did you know that your foot is the same size as your forearms? 
Are you trying it now?

I don't know why the picture quality is so bad.  Go to the actually Etsy page for a good picture.  Enough about me now, isn't this dress adorable?  It was originally a vintage house dress that she picked up in Costa Rica.  With a little refashion magic, you can get this dress.  It's long which I like and it has a great shape.  I need to learn how to do this.  You can find such great, interesting fabrics in some of the vintage pieces.  They are so unique. 

Slightly improved hand on hip number.
This dress fit is so precious! 
Check out OhSoO designs and show her some love!


Harley said...

This looks like fun!


Online Video Contest said...

She looks beautiful..

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