Sunday, April 3, 2011

Get Your Mind Juices Flowing

I never thought of myself as a creative type, because I never knew how to draw.  I never took an art class (homeschooled), but I guess I just naturally didn't have that artistic talent.  I always loved to write, even if some of my first stories were pages full of dialogue, only dialogue.  But drawing was another story.  Stick figures, that's about it, people.  I went about life thinking I had no creative talent, or maybe no talent at all.  I felt like there wasn't in particular anything that I had an outstanding talent in.  The problem is unless you are a prodigy of some kind, you have to devote your life to whatever sport, art, instrument, profession etc. to devolop substantial talent.  I've never had that kind of time.  I dabble in a number of things and never get extremely skilled in any of them.

 Now after growing up a bit and widening my horizons to what creativity/artistic ability really means, I've changed my mind.  I have also, seen many people who are not creative at all, which makes me sad but realize how creative I really am. Does that make any sense?  There are so many facets of art out there whether it be fashion, interior design, diy, crafting, photography, writing, and even just your own imagination.  The opportunities are endless.  What would we do without it?  It never takes any mundane or seemingly ordinary thing for granted.  It makes anything extraordinary.  It's all about perspective, isn't it?

For example, this newspaper blackout poetry.  It's haunting, yet beautiful I think.

                 Overheard on the  Titanic
Overheard on the Titanic
by Austin Kleon

I highly enjoyed reading Austin Kleon's blog post.  If interested, here.

In hopes of learning the basics of drawing and maybe finding my inner artist, I bought a book at Barnes and Nobles about learning to draw in 30 days.  Three days down and I've already improved a lot.  This might turn into something amazing.  Ha Ha

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Monica said...

Ugh I would love to say I was creative! Look how awesome Kleons picture is...sooo simple but yet amusing.

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