Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Little Thank You Notes

Dear Work,
Thank you for making me appreciate days off.

Dear Seventy Degree Weather,
Thank you for coming back.  I thought you were gone forever or at least for six months until next winter.  You could stick around for another few months if you'd please.

Dear Patterns,
Thank you, Patterns, for being so easy to mix and match making my outfit completely intentionally random.  I notice some people looking at me with a slight perplexed expression on their faces as if to say does she know that that does not match at all?  Yes, I do in fact.  I cannot help that your matching pastels of an outfit makes me want to vomit.  Next time pass on the lime green shoes.

Dear Green Tea,
Thank you for being delicious!  You have never failed me.  Winning the Starbucks Lottery with the prize of a free drink led me to you yesterday, Green Tea Frappuccino.  Today was Iced Green Tea Chai.  Tea has been knocking my socks off and I don't know why I ever did not like you!  I feel like a grown up in the taste buds department.  There is still no hope for liking raw Tomatoes though, so I guess I'm not so grown up after all. 

Dear Wind,
Thank you for helping me to...

Dear Auto Correct,
You are so dumb sometimes.  I don't know why you keep changing Syd to STD.  Don't you know, that is not nice.  Also, you changed let's go thrifting to let's go thrusting the other day.  Thanks for giving me some good unexpected laughs!

Dear Pay Day,
I wish there was no such thing as money.  Since it does unfortunately exist, I like to have a little bit here and there.  Thank you, Pay Day.  I shall keep you.  

Dear Charlie's,
Thank you making me actually like the name Charlie.  But only if you are British and are an adorable baby or hilariously awkward and making fun of Justin Bieber with a British accent.

Love, Taylor


I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

I liked all the patterns. But mostly I liked the shoes. I talked about the shoes when you were out of earshot so that I wouldn't seem overly creepy with the love of the shoes. I loved the shoes.

Taylor said...

I love them too! A friend of mine had them and I loves them so much I had to buy them too. I'm just worried they will get worn out fast because I'm wearing them so much. They go with everything!

Taylor said...

I just realized I wrote I loves them so much. Who am I? Ha.

Rebecca said...

What shoes? I wanna see!

Taylor said...

The ones in those other pictures with the red tights. You already asked where I got them so I think you liked them too! =)

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