Friday, March 25, 2011

I Haven't Posted In Awhile... And Now It's Friday!

We haven't had TV channels coming into our house for a great long while now.  I liked this, because I would tell people we don't have cable and then they would be left wondering what we did with all that non tv watching time and I hate commercials.  We do watch everything live streaming on our computer and also have Netflix, so there is definitely still a lot of time wasting going on. 

We just got an antennae so that we could get the basic channels, mostly for the news, because it's good to know what's going on in the world occasionally.  Instead of bettering ourselves and increasing our knowledge of the world's events, we ended up watching a late night talk show the other night.  They had this little girl supposedly an internet sensation as a guest on the show.  Her name is Rebecca Black.  She has this little gem of a song going round the interwebs.  I hate television for making me look up this youtube video.  Ahh, so obnoxious!  If you clicked on that link, don't hate me!  You can only blame yourself. 

If you did in fact click on the link, I know I would have, you probably now have that song running through your head on this beautiful Friday.  I'll share a little song that gets stuck in my head, but that you will not HATE with all your being, in fact you will love it.  At least I do.

P.S.  Did everyone else just love The Office Proposal this week?  Love!  Why oh why do they make us wait so long in between episodes though?  Next week is another rerun.  Boo.

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Jaymi Shiane Barnes said...

Yea, I love it! Funny that I posted this same video on my facebook a few months back! Great minds think alike! :) This song makes me so happy. :)

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