Monday, March 28, 2011

Guilty Pleasure: Korean Dramas

While we were over in Malaysia, we didn't have a TV or Internet.  Can you imagine?  What would we do with all that free time?  We did have our computer, but we didn't bring any DVDs with us.  I don't know what we were thinking!  We played a lot of cards.  We rotated between Big Two (a card game we were taught over there), Duker (or what everyone else seems to call Nertz. It's Duker, okay?), and Spades.  We played almost every night and pretty much every other opportunity we had.  We had many.  It is amazing when you are not working, you get everything done and then what do you do?  Watch TV.  Erm, no TV.  Surf the Internet.  Nope.  What a predicament!  Anyone like playing cards as much as we do, because since we've been back there has been a huge lack of card playing in our lives and way more TV and Internet usage.  No bueno. 

Now, I know you are thinking Taylor, get to the point already.  Have you not gotten used to how my brain works and these ramblings that eventually get us to the point, if I ever had one in the first place.  While we were in Malaysia, we were introduced to the Korean Drama.  These are Korea's version of television shows.  Some friends gave us some DVDs and we pretty much devoured those, because we were DVD deprived by this point. 

I'm not speaking for all Korean Dramas, because I only watched a couple, but the ones I watched are adorable!  There seem to be a couple genres, melodramatic and somber or cheesy adorable cutesy *enter all other words of this type you can think of*.  I have watched the latter.  You can not help but be happy watching these.  They are like happy pills for all you sad pandas everywhere.  They are also extremely innocent and wholesome.  It was so refreshing.  It's a huge deal if the main characters hug!  How precious! 

Let me just warn you, do not watch a Korean Drama if you are looking for serious acting.  They tend to be over dramatic and exaggerate their expressions in everything they do.  Again, so cute!  We watched My Girl, which I think is my favorite.  Others we watched were Boys Over Flowers (what does that even mean?), Beethoven Virus, Full House.

Are you ready for the Korean Drama?  I don't know if you can handle the sugary sweet cheesy goodness.  Did I mention cute?!  Check out a little bit of this clip from My Girl.  Now I want to go watch it again!  I know, I'm pathetic.


Cydney said...

That show looks AMAZING. And what do you mean, over dramatic? I didn't see it.

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

So you play spades do you? My brother and I WHOOP BEHIND on spades. We have been seeking worthy opponents. I am so making this happen. Soon.

Taylor said...

Now I'm scared. I don't know if we are the worthy opponents you've been looking for. But yes, I do like playing. Ha

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