Saturday, February 5, 2011

This Blog is Kind of a Big Deal Around Here

I'm just kidding.  I've been hanging around this blog for about a month now.  I have already had over 1,000 page views and viewers from five different countries.  Is this good in the bloggie world?  I have no idea.  It just goes to show that some people are enjoying these silly musings of mine.  I wish I had used Blogger on our other blog of Malaysia experiences.  I heard that our experiences reached to different countries, but it would've been neat to see how many people were actually reading.  We didn't hear from too many people when we were over there, you see.

I started this blog to get back into writing a bit, which has been a love of mine since I was a little thing.  I use to write stories a lot.  Then I caught a case of the dreaded writer's block, for about five years.  Needless to say, I've been enjoying this.  I also wanted to use this blog as a platform to keep some of the things I've stumbled upon online that have struck a chord with me and to share with you, too.  Of course, most importantly to try to keep in touch with family and friends that are sadly far, far away.  I miss you all loads!  Muah!

Now have you ever seen someone walking down the street having a very interesting fanciful conversation no doubt, talking animately to themselves?  You kind of think to yourself,  "Aww that sad, crazy lady."  Am I right?  You picturing it?  Well, that's kind of like me with this blog.  Now you see the comment box below?  Right down there?  It's quite easy to set up a little account and start typing away.  You'll be happy you did.  You will make this crazy lady's day.  Thanks for all the little comments so far.  I love hearing from you!

Now if you don't want to comment here, I also added a contact me link right up there!  Get those fingers a flyin' and e-mail away, my friends.

I'm waiting!  


Anonymous said...

Hey girl....I'm sure that I am your biggest fan and loyal reader! Keep talkin to yourself! I love it!!!

Lindsay said...

You are a geek :)

Rebecca said...

Aww, I miss Ed!!

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