Friday, February 4, 2011

Purikura! Say what??

Let me introduce you to the Japanese sticker photo booth.  You think a regular boardwalk photo booth is entertaining, hold on to your hats, ladies and gents for the Purikura!  In Asian arcades they have a whole room full of these photo booths.  They all have different features, backgrounds, sizes, etc.  The lighting in those things is amazing and it gives your skin such a fresh, clean glow.  If they were smart, they would get those lights for dressing rooms.  All the bright colors and J-pop blaring in the background, you can't help but be happy.  It's not the most calming experience, you see everything is in Japanese and there are so many buttons and customizing that can be done.  You could spend hours in there, so that's probably why they have a timer.  The screens change so fast and pretty much by the time you figure out what you're looking at the timer is beeping and this happy Japanese voice is counting down.  We just frantically pushed the first thing that was closest to our finger at that point.  *Smile*  

We saw these stickers everywhere.  On phones, books, pretty much stuck to any surface possible.  The more extra little images stuck on the better.  Our pictures are pretty plain compared to most we saw.  We are Purikura amateurs obviously.  If you ever come across one, you must try it!  Then you will have awesome pictures like we do!  

Us getting our Asian on!
These make me so happy!

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