Thursday, February 3, 2011

Simplifying Is Complicated

I know that sounds like an oxymoron, but it's true.  You would think trying to simplify your life would be, just that, simple. It is not.  Complicated is Simplify's awful middle name, you know like Ann or Lynn.  Now don't get me wrong, I love all of you Ann's and Lynn's out there.  My mom's middle name is Ann and she turned out okay.  For any of you who had parents who actually cared a little by giving middle name some dignity, high fives all around.  Did you just virtual high five?  Nerd.  

So back to simplifying.  It wasn't hard to be simple when we just left all our stuff and jumped over to Malaysia with a couple suitcases.  We lived out of those suitcases for five months.  Didn't feel like we were missing too much, either.  Amazing what you can live without when in a situation where it's cool to make do with practically nothing.  It's like an adventure.  You're in another country roughing it out.  You know, I don't need that can opener.  I'll just use my teeth.  Towels?  Who needs them?  I'll just stand in front of this oscillating fan.  This did happen once at a place we were staying.  True Story.  It's not so glamorous when you get back to the States and you are bombarded with pretty things and you have a closet and drawers full of clothes that you forgot you had.  It's hard to get rid of stuff for reals and pare down to those "two suitcases". 

Complicated is trying to figure out what to get rid of.  I've gone through bags of clothes and it seems like it hasn't even made a dent.  I'll be giving it another go soon.  Anyone need anything?

I brought all my books to Bookman's.  I love books.  I would love to have a whole room full of books. Do I need books on shelves to look like I'm well read?  Nope.  Books are heavy.  Books take up a lot of room.  A private library does not travel well.  Don't get me wrong, I will always have some books on hand.  I carry a book with me at all times, in fact.  I don't normally read books over and over again though.  So I traded in all my classics, the ones I had been holding onto with a death grip.  Sniff sniff.  This is what I'm going to do from now on.  When I'm finished with a book I'll trade it in at the used book store and get another one keeping my book collection down to a minimum.  There is always the library!

Too bad our libraries don't look like this one.  I would be getting lost in here for sure.

Simplifying is complicated stuff and I just talked about unloading books.  What about the house?  Oh yeah, that.


I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

It is complicated! Especially because I like "stuff" so much! It's a problem. Especially after the 2 day and all the talks where they said (I am paraphrasing): "Stop it with all the stuff already!"

Also I am proud to say that my mom took the giving of good middle names very seriously. But then I am bias.....

Lindsay said...

My mom's middle name is also Ann and she's a pretty cool lady! Good thing my dad was super picky or I wouldn't have ended up with just a plain awesome name all-together! ;)

I also have about TEN bags of clothes sitting in my garage, waiting to go to GOODWILL. I could get rid of a ton more. It's so much work! What REALLY would work is to have someone with no attachment to my stuff come over and get rid of everything I don't NEED.

Taylor said...

Yay for your cool parents. My middle name isn't too bad, but my sister's is better. And nice to know some people get me. Maybe you could be my someone to get rid of all my stuff or I'll just give it to you guys! How bout it? =)

I have a lot of nicknames, my favorite is Megs. said...

Done deal : )

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