Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Child's Play. Or Is It?

When it comes to animated movies, they are never really at the top of my must see list.  I want to see them eventually, but for some reason I never feel like watching them.  That's why I stick them on my Netflix queue and since I never update it, I know eventually the movies will be coming in the mail and it will force me to watch them. 

Toy Story 3 came in the mail the other day.  I know, you probably all have seen it already (I'm behind again).  It was such a sweet movie!  Can you believe the original Toy Story came out in 1995?  Big changes and growing up is so hard to do sometimes.  This movie got me thinking about my toys.  I don't have any now.  I was digging deep in this noggin and I still don't remember any outstanding toys that even made much of an impression.  I had a Talk Boy, which was pretty rad.  I never was into dolls much.  Is that sad?  What I do remember was pushing the big bucket chairs all together in my grandparents basement and pretending we were on a boat.  The floor was water or lava and if we were to *gasp* touch the ground it would lead to our deaths.  We would also play a game called The Blob.  It consisted of a friend with a sheet over them (the blob) chasing us around the house.  Very original, I know.  Also, we would run around the house hiding from monsters, dinosaurs, or tornadoes out to get us.  We had morbid imaginations.  What was wrong with us? 

Bear with me for this next bit, I might have a point.  This past year I actually got to spend some time with an old childhood friend.  We drifted apart at the tender age of seven or eight, due to our parents being the total slackers that they were and not planning any more play dates.  I'm blaming the parents of course, because at eight years old, everything is still their fault.  We were chatting about this horrible, scar you for life sleepover we both attended.  She said I had this amazing stuffed animal there.  It was scratch and sniff or else maybe it just smelled really good.  She said she remembered I always had the best toys. I told her that I was always jealous of her with her awesome basement where we use to roller blade.  It's all a matter of perspective.  Here I can't even remember any of my toys, but apparently I had many.  I was not a very good owner, my poor abandoned toys.  How funny what kids remember, huh?  Isn't it fun to reminisce and reconnect with long lost buddies?

I can't leave you with no pictures in this post, now can I?  If you skipped my deep thoughts on toys to look at these pictures, shame on you.  I'll only stay mad for a second though, because I might do that too.

One of our less morbid childhood activities!  Making blanket forts.  Isn't it the best to escape the world around you in your handmade hideaway?  We made a mean blanket fort back in the day out of our dad's home gym, blankets, pillows, some sugar and spice and everything nice.



Now go and make yourself a blanket fort while watching Toy Story 3.  Stat!  Because, you know, you're cool like that.

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