Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Fair

Since living in Arizona, I had yet to go to the fair, county or state.  This year was the year.  Even though the rides paled in comparison to Six Flags Great America where I grew up going every summer, it still gave me a sense of nostalgia and feeling like a kid again.  We weren't much fair goers, but there is something to be said about any kind of ride.  The butterflies in your stomache as you anticipate what it might feel like to be whipped around from those great heights.  The adrenaline when you step up to that contraption and put your life in it's hands.  One ride broke down as we were about to go on. After a two hour wait, we were not going to leave and they did get it fixed.  We are alive to tell the tale. 

Overall, it was a good time.  The Indian frybread helped.

After the fair experience, we thought why not take it to the next level.  We were in California for the weekend and were going back and forth between a hike and going to Six Flags Magic Mountain.  It took all of us indecisive girls about a week to actually come to a decision.  Magic Mountain it was.  Now in hindsight, why did we even have to think about it?  We hit pretty much every major rollercoaster and the lines were minimal.  Thank goodness!  Although, every ride seemed a little bit faster and more intense than I remembered.  Nothing I couldn't handle, but I think I'm getting old. 

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