Friday, February 3, 2012

We are the same, but different

                                        We are the same, but different. from Taylor Ashley on Vimeo.

Sorry for my long absence.  I have no reason for not blogging except that I haven't really had much to say and that's okay.  This little video shows what we have been up to the last couple days.  All shot on our iPhone and edited on iMovie. I think I'm going to be documenting trips like this from now on.  It was so easy!  Enjoy.


Shoko said...

Lovely! Can't believe this was all done on your iPhone - how cool!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

this video is amazing! and i definitely love the song choice!
as far as the minute to win it games we had four different stations and all the married couples were playing against each other. we had to suck as many m&m's with a straw onto our plates in a minute. we had to stack as many apples as we could and let it stay for 5 seconds, we had to toss three balloons in the air for as long as we could (harder than you think) and stack golf balls. lots of fun :)
xo TJ

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