Sunday, January 1, 2012

Come One Come All, Not to a Circus

Let's talk about the movie Dan in Real Life, shall we?  When I first saw previews, it left me underwhelmed. I don't think I thought much about watching it, until we were one night struggling over finding a movie we hadn't seen yet.  And that's that.  If you guys have not seen it yet, go rent it.  It's so good.  The music by Sondre Lerche, that house, that family.   

Now we ended up watching it a few times since and this last time I was inspired.  The family puts on a little talent show in the film.  How fun would that be? 

The gears were turning and so it's happening.  We are throwing a talent show and you better believe it's going to be amazing! With our current obsession with Pinterest, we have so many ideas.  We are going to have to go through and pick which ones we want to do.  You will probably be hearing more about it over here.  Planning a big party is never easy, but it will all be worth it!  Exciting!

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From Dan in Real Life. Wouldn't this make you want to have a talent show too? Just me, okay then.

And if there are any hilarious skits or ideas for talent shows that you have seen or heard, links to embarrassing youtube videos and the like, I would be totally up for suggestions.

Also, I can't get on my Pinterest, because I can't remember my password.  I have tried everything that I would ever use and it still doesn't work.  I try reseting the password and there is some error on the site that hasn't been fixed since the beginning of it's creation, because that is how long I haven't been able to get on there.  For all the people who have added me as a friend, sorry for my complete lack of activity and the boredom you might experience from looking at my boards.  Frustrating much? 


Rebecca said...

Talent show=yes! I can play the theremin. (No, i can't.)

Megs said...

My dad's side of the family does a talent show every Labor Day weekend. My absolute favorite was cheesy but my aunt did this cooking show skit where she taught us how to make something that involved brandy or something like that but kept taste-testing the brandy and by the end of the recipe was slurring and spilling and stuff. Like I said, totally cheesy but she really pulled it off. Also, my grandma would make up little poems about family stuff and then rap them to an old school beat. DJ Rappin' Nonnie.

Taylor said...

That's what I'm talking about! Talent shows are the time to bring out the cheesy stuff. Love it!

Lauren said...

i was pleasantly surprised by this film as well! i love anything steve carrell does

talent shows remind me of the fun times with my cousins growing up

Stephanie said...

oh my goodness. why aren't we friends?

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