Thursday, May 19, 2011

When I Come Back From Vacation, I Get Grumpy

Lately I've been loving...

Friendship Bracelets!  We decided to make some while we were camping since it was something we could easily bring with us and we would have the time to do it.  All you need is some embroidery floss and you are good to go.  Guess what?  We had embroidery floss, tons of it, in every color you could possibly dream of or hope for just waiting to be made into something wonderful.  

I'm loving this nail polish shade of mint green as well!  Mmm minty fresh!  Fabulous!

Tada!  Those are my great grandmother's old watches I believe.  I stole borrowed them out of my mom's jewelry box.
I love mixing old with new, don't you?
Also, I am not burnt.  My skin doesn't look all red and scary in real life.  This was just a quick picture I took in terrible lighting.  Ignore the skin, don't let it scare you. 
Here's Syd's with a closeup of the homemade hex nut bracelet we made a few weeks ago and normal, healthy skin.  I like!
I'm trying to think about good things, like the amazing dinner we just had at Montana Avenue (warm brie & that donut, not together but, anyone know what I'm talking about?), because as I mentioned in my title, I get Grumpy.  Be glad you're not around here right about now.  I don't think even Snow White could handle this one.  

You know what else I love, some good new music.  Sadly, I haven't discovered any new artists in awhile and although I have a pretty extensive, fabulous library that I keep on constant rotation, sometimes you need some new tunes to throw into the mix.  Could anyone help me out and share any new artists they are loving right now?  It might just cure this mood I've been in.  I'm ready to do some damage on iTunes or Amazon, whichever's cheaper.  But are they ready for me?  Ahh, I'm feeling better already.

Hey!  And tomorrow's Friday! 


Anonymous said...

I adore !

Penny said...

friendship bracelets- so cool and i even read they are IN this season - i dont know how a childish item can become an IN but that's what i read ;)

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